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let's go bro no useing my rap to your avanged ok now you know that then we cool.

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This rap was deleted.


  • Fuck DR Pug reminds me of the other Doc I had to fill up with slugs,
  • came from nothing, still at nothing, gutter G's still coming to be hunting
  • Ain't scared of failure, even if my ass is on life support and my heart's failure puts me in danger,
  • Still racking up them digits, sticking the middle fingers in ya bitches ass like a turkey pastor
  • These niggas wanna stunt with a broken window, oh no your flow gets softer than three pillows
  • Or maybe they get inside your ass like a fucking dildo
  • All I know is I'm out to get this cash, got this gas in me to fill up even though I never run out, sorry dad
  • I'm sorry ma', tell grandpa to build that Spa', here we go with a dozen Quan's and a million atlanta hawks.
  • It ain't salts fault for this assault, got so many ski' masks, we might as well go rob a fucking vault.
  • Bitch hold this, these lyrical attacks high voltage gave the DR' his own dosage of piss and pour-age
  • Called me an african but I'm more like a magician with a gifted vision, step into a salty prison
  • Get a fungus on your left toe, so it can be sucked off by your cellmate, let all it go bro.
  • Place this sucker repellent, these bars go over your head, so wear a fucking helmet,
  • yes you're welcome gave you a warning, I got fuse around this fire, i ain't scared to start it

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