Battles  Wolfe vs Trilluminatii


Banned Words - Niger, Negro, Retard Theme - Diss track Must be delivered through lyrics!

Max of 64 lines


Trilluminatii won this battle!


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  • We tell you you're a wimp,
  • Compared to us you're just a pimp,
  • We all got a six pack and a southern tan,
  • You got a body like a giant blimp,
  • We're all country boys,
  • Each with a southern drawl,
  • You're a wannabe,
  • A hermit in a shell,
  • If you ever test us we'll become your downfall,
  • Try an jump us and in the dust you'll sprawl,
  • You're a dumb ass,
  • We're all motherfucking tigers,
  • If you wanna fight I'll get some rope and a lighter,
  • One to choke you out,
  • Then roast you in the fire,
  • We'll dance around you as you're sucking wind,
  • We could do this all day 'cause we'll never tire,
  • We are all fighters and always get what we desire,
  • We do not speak stupid so your words we must decipher,
  • You bitch more then a baby so go change your fucking diaper,
  • You are such a cunt,
  • Go suck a dick or pacifier,
  • You're a boy in a man's world,
  • Weak and unprepared,
  • You shit your fucking pants 'cause you're so scared,
  • You look a bit pale and your taste's a bit stale,
  • You say that you drink but can't handle a shot of ale,
  • You can't smoke marijuana 'cause you'd look like a breached whale,
  • You want to thumb wrestle,
  • Are you mentally impaired,
  • If you're gonna act like a child,
  • Get the fuck on out our hair,
  • You got less balls than a goddamn female,
  • Don't go starting fights when you look so damn frail,
  • You tell us that you box,
  • We say we like your tall tales,
  • Admit you're an odd commodity,
  • Hanging with us males,
  • So do yourself a favor and start heading for the trails.


  • To behold the title of true MC first you gotta write you own shit G/
  • You wanna eat you get more respect from cooking your own recipe/
  • Your worse than vanilla ice stealing from the police melody/
  • A fucking doc stealin and creating alts should be an MC felony/
  • You see im new to this so i never expected you wasnt true to this/
  • But what would me being like jesus be without some fucking stupid judas/
  • Your following only 8 people and why is trill one trying to steal bars im not dumb/
  • Tell them faggots take me off the all time greatest list with this chump/
  • I only wanna battle against niggas that i know where there lyrics come from/
  • This pussy renamed himself MC doc bitch your just a little P.C jock/
  • The nerve to say that your a lyricist that shit really literally had me in shock/
  • Im saying you even quote rappers for your comments this shit bout to make me vomit/
  • Stop it im like a god your just a Charlemagne you shit stain bird brain lame ass fraud/
  • Actually your committing blasphemy even attempting to try to attack me/
  • I was laughing when they said my nigga sonny handed you a capital L/
  • Were from the same area pussy this how we get down at the gates of hell/
  • Your a fucking bird if you tried flying on your own dumb faggot youll fail/
  • Doc your already in the casket bastard sonny hand me the last nail/
  • This rappers faker than CB4 your new name is really MC gusto/
  • The dopest lyrics you ever wrote fell off the back of a trash truck though/
  • Youre like a raccoon sneeking in a room trying to steal bars from the sacred tomb/
  • Tonight this fools getting swept like a broom probaly wont make it until noon/
  • Its funny to see all the dicks you consume when you scrambing for help/
  • With the back to back comments hoe your just rambling to yourself/
  • The only wordplay you have is the clone thats follows your every step/
  • Ill beat your over the head with these bars until you run out of every breath/
  • MC WWE the fucking wackest fakest rapper there will every be in the pads history/
  • Every one of your victories envolves a back story or some type of conspiracy/
  • And were no haters but your not major just a lame bar making rap generator/
  • Do yourself a favor and write your own lines and stay out the refrigerator/
  • Its takes to much energy to break down bars and remix them chemically/
  • I rather do it physically thats how i know your the laziest in this shit mentally/
  • Doc you deserve the hatchet youre number one title is holdin an asterisk/
  • Talking shit bout my dawg the grim reaper youll get handled by trill the crypt keeper/
  • Asking 5 lines for a feature your the type still trying to put 5 on the reefer/
  • Trill over your short school bus like jeepers creepers taking the soul from this tweaker/
  • Your chinese bars you bought just weaker you wouldnt take the soul outta of sneaker/
  • Fuck nigga feelings hurt you just unfollowed me guess your tired of swallowing me/
  • Trillmonger i use the steel to kill my hunger its over im done with this carpet muncher/
  • The last diss you dropped didnt get half the props that mine got thats a body dropped/
  • Plus you got rep but dont even have half of the profile views i got thanks a lot/
  • Thats because trill keeps it real ill never forget you stole my bar about the grill/
  • Its all in fun doc your no threat this was just a little light meal without the alts you know the deal/

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