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  • Watch sparking at me 'bro' I'ma light the match
  • I may just be insane enough to fight the whole pact
  • You think I'm crazy, yeah you right about that
  • All these 'Riders On The Storm' just some Indian givers.
  • Booze'n it up with broads I've came to collect your livers.
  • Give me those Fava beans I'm a eat this burnt roast for dinner.
  • Your mic is squeaking while you sqwauk into it.
  • An outdated animatronic , someone needs to defuse it.
  • All these flame retard-dents, need to cool it down.
  • These amp'd up, King Kong's but most ain't even a hound, pounding on their chests but making Mocking Jay sounds.
  • Rock the peace like I don't even hear what they're saying because alot of thier promises contradict what they're displaying.
  • I don't need no beef, just some chill dude, while everyone else out there recycling lame ass diss-pukes.
  • Get over yourselves stop wasting so much time, "but noone listens to Bell all she does is chime".
  • Nah, I got this boys I'ma just keep trek'n, no energy to waste I save it for a worthy investment.
  • They don't wanna see any one rise above, but work'n overtime with these worn out scrubs, so while everyone sits pouting with a huff and puff, just stay kicking back observing life and stuff.
  • To bored to fight this ain't UFC and you ain't much of a challenge, between our mics you'll see.
  • I see alot of spit lately just bitching for nothing? I could understand if it was rellevant that would be one thing...But I read shit and I just see a buncha dudes being grumpy.
  • And they talk about bitches...Needing a sandwich from the kitchen... Haha you must think your one to leave a lady smitten, but the reality is miss'n, the only thing y'all be hit'n is that 'miss' mark, an F on that blueprint ya fix'n.
  • Always in someone else's race, yet unable to steady at another's pace, can't pedal your own metal or even stay in your own lanes.
  • Twice baked potatoes, (2face'd) I'm a peel their skins, mash in their limbs, and stuff them with all the trims.
  • Just kidding.. that depends....
  • Sometimes I kid, sometimes I adult, sometimes I love, sometimes I assault,
  • But it's all up to your 'acting' if your in awe or appalled but if I grow to hate you it's not even my fault.
  • Just don't be a dick cuz I gaurantee, yours probably ain't as big as the vocabulary I read, an we all know dudes be lying about them '7' syllable things.
  • Hahaha...jokes could go on forever but I got more important endeavors, like leaving this crime scene with all these brainless heads severed.
  • "I apologise for killing just wanted to see, if maybe inside any of these, were a King, but they all claim the same throne so I just cut them all an claimed the Ring"
  • Alot of who's who and what's this and that going about but instead of improvising they just wanna whine and pout.
  • Tittie babies, need a binky and a nappie, your raps sound like Teletubbies man I couldn't stop laughing if this were a t.v. show all Jesus's children would be clapping.
  • You all need to really just enlighten, butthole so small it probably can't even tighten, panties in such a bunch Hanes would be frightened.
  • I'd rather soak myself in kersoene or chop my ears off than hear anymore of these parakeets squeaking their sqwuaks.
  • Live long and prosper, free as grasshoppers, not like these never satisfied globofstoppers.
  • If I had a penny for Everytime someone claimed to be the top, I could take everyone's mom out for dinner and the dates would never stop.
  • There almost as amusing as Christmas in July maybe an interest for some definitely not one of mine, sure an exclusive talent one of a kind but then again so was Edward Scissorhand and our beloved Frankenstein.
  • I put my thoughts into this so you can read it or weep, throw it aside or use it for keeps, either way I won't be losing no sleeps, I don't need to thread y'all's opinions I got my own sewing's to reap.


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  • Who am I? I'm that demon that creeps while you sleep
  • The one with wicked intentions to leave you slaughtered like sheep
  • I'm elite turn you into slabs of meat
  • Delete your life I'm the reaper I came to feast
  • Im a motherfucking beast that wants to leave you deceased
  • Diseased with insanity someone help me find peace please before I lose my mind and leave a bitch leak
  • I got bars like my name was immortal technique
  • Fuck this shit y'all bitches don't know my physique
  • Do it all just so I can succeed
  • Sold my soul to the devil now he wants to see me bleed
  • Rest in peace to the memories pull up with a Mac and then I fucking squeeze
  • I cease to exist exhumed by my demons close to cutting my wrists
  • Turn me into a mental patient psychiatric ward is where I belong
  • Leave these Fargo's wrapped in plastic while I'm writing these songs
  • My head is so wrong fucked up it's been so long since I sincerely felt happy
  • I act nasty I'm backpacking black guns when I'm sitting rapping
  • Pull up to your crib like let's get this shit cracking I'm the monster who lurks call me a motherfucking kraken
  • Or a three headed dragon I'm a dumb bitch assassin
  • Grab on my nuts hold em there like Mike Jackson
  • Loose cannon I'm a killer the worst that walks the planet
  • God damn it I'm a terrorist with these bars
  • Causing caustic catastrophes I'm gonna go plan it
  • If you werent my friend I'd leave you dead where you're standing
  • Have my cult kill you just call me the son of manson
  • Just imagine how it would feel to be me
  • I got a lot of mental issues these fucking bitches don't see
  • You wouldn't want to be me
  • I'm the fucking demon that lays under your bed while you sleep.
  • Be afraid of me

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