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  • Verse-
  • Versatile with my war mind cocked up with lethal weapons
  • Even though they ain't here I can still feel their presence
  • They handed me the death sentence
  • Now I'm coming back with lethal bars I'm spitting with a taste for vengeance
  • Sit and try to learn my lesson. I'm a veteran in rap who's got twisted intentions.
  • Did I forget to mention?
  • That I'm the painted picture of depression
  • A mirrored reflection that stands with imperfections
  • My motivation and drive is short I've never calm I'm always stressing
  • Second guessing that I won't make it in this rap game
  • But to hell with that I rep this life until my last day.
  • Wear it like a tag on my chest carrying my last name
  • I bet pops would be turning in his grave cause I went against my race
  • Just for a taste of fame but me and him are not the same
  • Bottle up my anger until I explode and let it rain
  • I'm so insane derived by my pain
  • Pictures painted by my father making my brain stay the same
  • Until I melt down like candles in flames
  • I swear I'm seeing life in like ten different frames
  • Let me explain
  • I've been on the outside looking in
  • Depressed as hell feeling like my bliss could never win
  • Never needed help but yet I'm never heaven sent
  • So I keep calm and try to live out what I represent
  • I know my path now I can't ever fall or ever bend
  • I remember being little with nothing to eat
  • I hung out with different people them boys raised me in these streets
  • Feel my hunger fill I don't ever step with beef
  • Until someone mentions me
  • And then it's gonna end up like you were in detention you see
  • I am a Phoenix arising this is my divine intervention see
  • So just let me be, set me free I got this pain you may never see


  • V.1
  • Sittin in the back of the cadillac
  • with an automatic mac in my lap
  • come against me and get it in the back
  • Matter of fact probably kill y'all
  • and recycle the bodies in san-sac carts.
  • Go home and play bowser in mario kart.
  • You shouldn't even start that isn't really smart.
  • compare me to Napoleon Bonaparte
  • As i march forward with blood in my art.
  • no troops just rigidly wicked and twisted.
  • Sheisty even killed two of his sisters,
  • Disperse bitches purse, and snatched her for Christmas.
  • Put bells on her just as the tradition.
  • Oh well Sheisty excite me at first sight.
  • Clear everything in my path before I split you in half,
  • I've got a hole in my head and there's no one to fix it.

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