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  • Verse 1:20,21 to young to die now all these rappers got me looking live now
  • this goes out to everyone's cries. our legends didn't even get to say their
  • goodbyes (wow) Now all these dudes spreading lies and to many dumb
  • to realize. it would come to surprise how many smiles they given kids
  • who could only cry 1 phone call after another I wish to die. I use to smile now
  • I just let out a sigh please someone take my life
  • verse 2: motherfuckers don't understand that they inspired they deserved to
  • be remembered. The first thing I learned from peep is the world is cursed
  • some kids turn to drugs to feel comfort and that's what he did but he overdosed
  • now and again I get stoned I just don't post instead I go ghost and then I go
  • listen to x and pretend to be bold but i'm just looked at like a joke someone provoke
  • me into writing this song its only long till i'm gone I don't feel like I belong
  • but I stay up till dawn in my feels I believe they will always be memories
  • and they will always be here and remembered.
  • Verse 3: A whole year since Gus left I wont rest without carrying on his legacy
  • I don't care bout money shit I probably sound crazy all I want is her to be my baby
  • I don't care if I'm fifty n its Sunday cuz I will still want her
  • To be my lady. It's crazy cuz she lead me to listen to Gus


  • im feeling nothing
  • no running no loving
  • questioning existence
  • trying to numb out
  • drinking venom
  • Addiction to overcome?
  • nope smoke more
  • Feeling empty
  • its scary an unhealthy
  • whats the remedy
  • there's many
  • none are guarantee
  • way out may sound bad,
  • it will all play out
  • with out doubt

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