Battles  Azazel vs AKPRODIGY


Don't diss me, diss rap itself or the people in the game

Max of 20 lines


Azazel won this battle!


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  • Ive been rapping since ancient times
  • Wrote the most basic basement rhymes
  • Rewrote my style changed my name from swine
  • Battled the sites most famous minds
  • So I don't settle for mediocrity
  • Won't test my meddle with prodigies
  • Wannabes, those with no quality,
  • What they release is comedy no skill just quantity
  • Spitting with animosity, that's an atrocity
  • Just literal lyrical mythology
  • Masked literary assassin, Not kissing peoples asses
  • Who raps rad, no scratchpad, dissing in fashion
  • He attacks the mumbling, fumbling, fake rappers
  • Who photograph cadillacs claiming that they matter
  • Who show stacks, claiming they own rap, and they gather
  • Their wack verses, Gucci purses, they claim they are real gs
  • But not me, I won't settle for a song with cardi b
  • If I spit any less than i do then it's just not me
  • I'm the Shepard yall can go fall in line with the sheep


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  • all these niggas think their shit is hot
  • but to be honest their shit sound like steven hawk
  • grew up in the getto they grew up in their mammas basment
  • they better chill or else ill do a face lift
  • here let me be yall ghost writer
  • yall might become famos
  • other wise youll be like james amos
  • nothing but a true bitch
  • grew up sitting on a stick
  • yall looking like a plastic wanna be kendick
  • just know i stay true
  • and that stepping to me is like stepping to zeus
  • so exscus me for how i feel
  • yalls girls love the way i appeal
  • take my time and rap slow
  • while yall rapping fast not making sense at all
  • imma give yall the mic and send yall on your way
  • right some new rymes but dont come back today

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