Battles  deadchu vs NaziMan


condose why you call pichu a zombie? you can tell me in this rap but also no yellow words or recored fair enough?

Max of 63 lines


This battle ended in a tie.


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  • condose that right i heard about you talking to rapperchu idc who you are
  • idc if you work for anime you might have good fire but your a dirtey liar
  • i have many guns like a sniper you might say i might be next to deadpool but i found
  • a bigger fool you saw me steel some jewels you think that makes you cool
  • looks like i found a idiot that might been strip next god for you to worship
  • go home and kill a slut even so i see someone gay in this house you snitch
  • how are you sure that pichu is a zombie? i knew him for seven billion years
  • i have all my gear i make sure there ammo before i go for show i hope you
  • learn to follow but you can't kill a hollow i just have one question what is that
  • thing on your head was it ment shoot lazers or pancakes or make you hack
  • i'm not saying you hack or it is for nothing and it just for show i wish i had a
  • bro i'm just going with the flow winter is here it should snow i break the window
  • i just call you number zero you might be my foe? and you could be bigger
  • but you know what you say the bigger they are the hardly they fall i bet you
  • never heard this the smaller they are the quicker they are i wonder who is the
  • next star i like to help you open this jar but i want get drunk at the bar i'm going
  • far if you do come to my home first thing first if you bring a gun out i slam your
  • ugly self on my table next thing hole you tight and call my homie pichu then
  • make these handcuffs that can't break but don't worry cause your a mistake
  • everone like cake but no way i'm eating your's it could gotton your posion on
  • it rather eat mc shit then this whatever crap it is but i'm not saying your food is
  • bad it horrible maybe you'll be in the next horry movie i hope it's gucci cause
  • i don't like duty i do have this ruby one more question is your thing on your head
  • is a weapon cause i'm going teach you a leason even if you do have a weapon
  • i can pinpoint were it going hit even if you shot my arm of i take like a few hours
  • come back i could take a retreat but i would like you to take a seat i'm not
  • a teacher mabey your next homie but i don't wanna be friends with a physico
  • even if you had powers it take a hundred hours if you want you could have this
  • flower but you stink you need a shower a troll is a cower idc what you are idc what you
  • say cause i know you a motherfucker and your screw i rather look at this wonderful view
  • then look at you!!! ik you hide your face cause it too ugly to look at or your face
  • look a bug?


  • rap

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