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This rap was deleted.


  • Ok Dont Think this Beef Over Like Please Eat this
  • Your no Doc just a Morphine Junkie i got lucky no Four Leaves still a Clover
  • Sit back i can rhyme your Defeat no ones gonna give any Grief you asked for Beef
  • Now its on the Stove I came to Kill it Like this shits in a Cast Iron Skillet
  • Still Go to Walgreen Fill a Script all i see is you acting Like your some bitch Funky
  • Stop Little mr Wu tang Monkey but i just found the Wrench dog sit on the FUcking Bench
  • Like a Landfill all you do is cause a big Stench now store yo Garbage Cause
  • what imma Do is Spend some Knowledge That you dont need a college to learn
  • IU fuck a beat in a pattern in turn i fucking Burn your ass to Ashes
  • You dont got any Passes to Skip any classes sit and Learn cause this Turn on this Cypher
  • Feel the Scope of a Sniper and the venom of a Viper cause we just lit a fire All your Shits a Forest
  • Crisp When Lit on Fire By a Single Lighter let that burn Brighter But imma Float like a Butterfly
  • Hit the Sky Then Sting like a Bee while you sink titanic the fucking boat
  • Let that Quip Quote Lets fucking Panic Doc needs his Shots
  • More than this Nigga need Cocks imma Picking shit now like i got locks on this Game
  • Well whats your Names i Know Drop the Soap doc And your fucking Alt Doc
  • We just mock your stupid ass lemme pop off a few more like nope he already dead
  • What did he eat Lead cause i just Painted a Picture Im Sicker than
  • Any dope you can deal cause your fucking dead bars Slicker than Whale
  • Plus Oil in Jail Like i just fucked your Girlfriend

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