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  • I was the king
  • Lord of the ring
  • Pulled up a sting
  • And my rap was elite
  • Finished the beef
  • Took off the leash
  • I was a kid
  • Rap king a kid
  • The lion elite
  • Called up the crew
  • i dropped the bars
  • Act all amazed when i smashed my car
  • Blew you away i took you to mars
  • Wah you dating nuns
  • You aint go no fans
  • You are my sons
  • Ur crew is lame
  • Waste of sperm
  • My dog is cooler
  • You aint got moola
  • Im Rapping im trapping i pull out my shotgun
  • Pull out my guns and i turn you to saw dust
  • Victoria my name and falls is my last
  • Drought comes and goes but my bars are still flowing
  • I googled your name
  • Damn you aint famous
  • Calculated your wage
  • Oh my god you aint average
  • You tried battling a legend
  • Now you go die a peasent
  • Last time you face timed me
  • I spent hours on my bed trying to sleep
  • Damn why did you have to show your face
  • I bet on a horror movie you wouldnt need any change
  • Just the old you go definitely fit the part
  • I wasted a few minutes telling you these yea i know that
  • But was it worth the lullaby you sent last time
  • Obviously i aint a hater of your music
  • Yeah you good
  • But to make money you would have to join a children center
  • Bet your chorus could make even jim crey sleep
  • Just the sound of your voice chased my dog to sleep
  • Now that you have heard what i got to say
  • Please just assist me with a replyable reply
  • So i dont get to sleep hearing your song


Attached media not accessible.

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  • ///Intro///
  • Mom dad i went Crazy
  • I see my Visions Gone Hazy
  • I see my Lazy Eye drifting off in one Direction
  • A Infection Imma Psychopath in Session this a Friendly Meeting
  • But Still imma Eating up this Dead Bitches
  • Like A Butter Spread Any Snitch caught
  • Winding up With Stitches and left to the Gutter
  • Do i need to st st stutter imma cut a Circle
  • To Triangles Nice a Pizza Cutter
  • Go to Bed Steve Urkel this is Family Matters
  • No Remedy Matters but where are my Manners
  • I misplaced all the fucking Hammers
  • ///Verse Novus//
  • Oh Godly why tis it
  • Oddly you Never improve your
  • Wedging yo Ass deeper and Deeper in a Groove
  • Seeming to Never get better This is a Letter
  • Prepare to Enter the Devils Lair
  • OOH i smell Burning Hair
  • You best be learning a Verse Godly
  • Cause Ali is in the Ring so prepare a fucking Hearse

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