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  • I'm wit the sick shit, you sniffle over the sickness
  • Im the sickest, you should probably get some business
  • Before I end this, like a chicken dinner, you just the liquids
  • Kool-Aid, but ain't nobody fuckin wit citrus
  • Flip your shit like a gymnast, you hope for a witness,
  • But I get on them too with a quickness, and buddy listen
  • You better be up on your fitness, up on your riches
  • Or else your ass is grass, comin outta ya britches
  • Leave you for dead in the cold, cuddy you finished
  • Like MK (Mortal Kombat) but I make it ultra, your mind is spinning
  • And you walked right into the trap, this the beginning
  • I'm not giving forgiveness I'm kinda addicted,
  • To slaughter, bother me for a minute your time is ending
  • I should get you a pen and a pad for you to practice for Christmas
  • But that would be a waste, like a belt that I couldnt fit in
  • You trippin like you got tickets to make visit
  • You about as hard as a titty when it get nippy
  • I'm trippy, kind like I slipped into weezy prescription
  • How you step to the realest and don't even fit the description?
  • Time to switch it, you should know what the deal is
  • I'm takin shit to the ceiling, warning shots, that's how I'm feelin
  • You sealed your fate, you got a weapon? I would conceal it
  • You don't get a back and forth hot potato, I'm finna peel it
  • Squeeze, until he squashed in the street, twitching and squealing
  • Pressing submit, you committed suicide, that ain't appealing
  • Execution style, but I'm anxious, might pop you before you kneeling
  • Take yo life too quick but I ain't too into stealing
  • You just folded from hands I been dealing
  • I can feel you know you fucked up, what a wonderful feeling


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  • i'm sittin fat I know that for a fact
  • That means a real man that can work the stacks
  • Bad contracts but I'm still coming for a plaque
  • I do it for the front row I do it for the stands
  • Cause real dogs always return with food for the pack
  • with the heart of a champ
  • Now I rock a house party at the drop of a hat
  • You can't stop me i got tons of money
  • Gimme a month I bet you turn the opposite of chubby
  • There's a thousand yous there's only one of me
  • Lets discuss somethin'
  • You want wealth which come from skills
  • I rap good so i can pay my bills
  • And you try but you fail
  • Yeah when i beat you
  • your gonna wail
  • like lil bitches
  • that got a bunch stitches

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