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Best flow and lyricism, must be recorded.

Max of 63 lines


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  • I'm just an average man with lavish standards,
  • Snap your cameras the flow bananas an animal caged in a zoo,
  • Box like I'm paid for the views It's labor induced I push for my children,
  • fuck your feelings, optics got dots to your dome like Krillin
  • Been lyrically popping shots Si the villain, skin your spots like
  • Cruella de Vil, bubble the lines and level the skills
  • I've been red with the pills,
  • Grips with borrowed time that we're living on,
  • Getting hot on this rock I'm raising my children on fuck it!
  • I'm optimistic to fortune I see them grow up,
  • Opposite pole the drones out patrolling for foes to blow up
  • please censor Arial views gory aftermath make you throw up,
  • Easier living adventures through boots and Dora
  • Catch myself wine over petty shit, get survivors guilt,
  • I'm alive and still, striving for diamonds many still die and kill for,
  • prowl the jungle with a lions thrill,
  • let the kiddies play out in the yard I the father patio smile and grilling,
  • When I rhyme I get a rush of feelings, euphoric high as ceiling
  • speaking to beings from a higher seeing
  • like a hit of Dimethyltryptamine,
  • fried face is wide-eyed as Mr. Bean, time twined as liquor speak,
  • Slay a beat, get away with murder Jack the Ripper feats,
  • genocidal tenancies as if I inherited "Addy" Hitlers genes,
  • Pic up the mic as if I need a reason,
  • Submit or treason battery charges I kill a pulse as if I left the keys in....
  • Overnight....
  • You're my brother so it's more just than darkness over light,
  • Unless there's red and blue cruisers involvement,
  • fear they see us all as culprits feed the narrative and scrub the paw-print...
  • Feed the narrative and scrub the paw-prints....
  • I done Felt it in this melanin I'm a target....


Attached media not accessible.

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  • Buckos hating is funny
  • I make more money than your whole career
  • And I started a year ago, dummie
  • The beef is pointless
  • Let them all hate, never shoot back, bullets are point-less
  • I am, the next best rapper to blow up
  • I will end up as the best rapper ever
  • But still have to respect the legends in this game
  • From AndrĂ© 3000, to Jay-Z to Kanye, you know the name
  • Selling out plaques, do it without gats
  • Being smart is beneficial, fuck a pistol
  • New timers, new schoolers
  • Yall shit is garbage and from the same generation
  • Of course there is some good rappers
  • But most these trappers are awful unless you are the Future
  • I do everything myself
  • From writing, to recording to mixing and mastering
  • I am self-made
  • That means every credit & profit goes to me
  • Unless you are producer, you deserve it too, homie
  • Jealousy is a female trait, why are you mad, did I make you wait?
  • Is it, because I got plays and now you hate?
  • I will never get petty men
  • Leave the emotions for the females, you are a grown man, why you all moody?
  • Anyways, leave the bums alone
  • My dad always told me the company you keeps, symbolizes who you are
  • Thank God whenever I met a backstabber, I stopped talking
  • They still do, but I dont care, dude!
  • I'm saucing on you
  • I'm saucing on you
  • Bitch, I'm saucing on you
  • Try something new
  • Blokes hate you for it
  • It's ok, I'm paid!
  • Not in rapping
  • Motherfucker I'm trapping, besides
  • Hustling, you dudes struggling
  • You brag about it
  • Like there's proud in being broke
  • Nope! Rather be woke than it
  • Want to be seen with chocolate
  • Girls, every lady gets a shoutout
  • Love to every broad
  • Mess up, trust
  • You kicked out the house
  • But if you cool, I'll just rip your blouse!

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