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  • I've finally opened the hatch
  • was able to lift the latch
  • that's caged these raps
  • and now i'm comin' at cha with a little mismatch
  • I guess you could say imma patch artist
  • But imma work with this
  • If i'm being honest
  • This is the only outlet that I got
  • So your best bet is to work your hardest
  • Rap was meant to come up from the soul
  • Now all of you think its about the flow
  • This is the only way I know how to let go
  • And now imma let this flow go
  • This is KillaSlime, I hope you remember it
  • Cuz now imma make sure you let go


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  • Pitter Patter! I make em scatter, sickish laughter
  • illest' after "BIG" I got the biggest bladder,
  • holding golden flow, piss it after like R.Kelly on a kid
  • fresh like deli from a pig, slickest shit to court my benefactors,
  • Beat crank a heart just like the British actor speak of which
  • I'm driving something criminal, perennials where I mix and master,
  • Smacking lip faster than pastor giving signal at the altar
  • got the gift of gab of jabber jabber
  • Wack em with this jury hammer,
  • judge a talent from a joke, spazzin' a bedroom rapper brought the panic with these flows
  • wreaking havoc with these quotes had an atheist cite my passages
  • messiah of the art, call me "Siris" of Nazareth
  • A promise after death, everlasting life from magic breath
  • you see these bastards sweat when I'm beaming rays heat can dagger flesh
  • dab and flex clown milleni'-rappers get table topped
  • classics we let em rip just like the slab and text
  • (v2)
  • Radiant level, Fukushima! booth demeanor of a true fiend
  • delivery smooth cream like Neutreagena,
  • clear that acne this that routine, for the grown and mature
  • skills border absurd river deep like Ike and Tina,
  • Read the lips I drop "balm/Bomb" when I'm feeling chappy,
  • Spreading sediment's how I demo sentiment,
  • lord be setting rent these trashy spitters litter all over this plot
  • we calling hip hop, even veterans done gone and flip flopped
  • I can't stand it, these habits funded by war amps
  • nigga crippled from all de"feet" he sport immunity to toe tags,
  • music's my makeup like I carry Bose strands
  • defiant to the trends, study all movements just like some MOCAP,
  • Name your five i'll swipe at em like surface tables
  • brain murder till slurping Gerber and hurr durring serving damage
  • germ to herder masses need a pair of kicks to jump this hurdler
  • halt careers like Paul walker a swerving sandwich get this crash son
  • (v3)
  • Twelve and Siris kid two peas in a pod appeasing a god is daunting work,
  • bodies floating like some leaves in a swamp
  • challenge I dare you, knee deep in a bog swim with piranhas
  • yank you deep t'ill spitting bubbles like some trees in a bong
  • Perilous posture terrible monster, claw and gnaw at flesh
  • with tantrums of a heckling toddler lyrical violence state sponsored,
  • your daughters a snake charmer, charm her with fake taunts she flaunt it
  • grip her back like some lane Konga
  • Aint a manga I got dragon balls, battle all,
  • ample squall, thrusting gusts of wind to sweep with savage bars,
  • brain-storming some shaky weather, it's crazy
  • how nature conforms to me when my face reenter the lake remembers
  • Trident on a stream tidal waves can cause a murder scene
  • smoke some bludgeoning damage I deck these blunts
  • giants fight these runts, trademark flow copy-written don't copy writtens,
  • bucktooth rodent niggas bite these nuts! Don't fuck with us

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