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  • I walk through the ruggedest blocks with jewels flooded with rocks.
  • Hustlin on hot corners that be smuggled with cops.
  • I was sworn for harlem, true roach don.
  • Word bond, we leave mics torn.
  • Ya'll brothers slept too long, now it's on.
  • ak prodigy will neva flop.
  • Records are forever hot.
  • Front on me you better not.
  • I keep the barreta cocked.
  • This goes out to my people's up town.
  • Downtown, mid town, across town, and outta town.
  • You see me flossin often, at all the club sites.
  • At the bars buyin crystalls like they bud lights.
  • My style is hard like strong lumber.
  • Dime pieces get the digits chicken heads get the wrong number.
  • Yo I announce spacks.
  • When I get busy over bounce tracks.
  • Droppin lethal raps so wack so I can count stacks.
  • I keep a heavy knot, got a spot on every block.
  • Hunnies that's very hot.
  • And sent to the mary yacht.
  • 95 was a beautiful year for ak.
  • Now I'm back and all the ladies still cheer for ak.
  • Whatever I write is gonna be tight.
  • Cause if makin hits is wrong I don't wanna be right.
  • Never the less, the east is were my crew rest.
  • We bust caps that go through vests.
  • We only do what we do best.
  • And that's cripplin you brittle men.
  • Since you wanna play rough, then say hello to my little friend.
  • I like drop tops when it's hot.
  • I like lands when it's snowy.
  • Bank account is fat like Joey.
  • I'm not very religious you wouldn't call me holy.
  • Sometimes my hairs corn rowed, sometimes it's frowy.
  • Spark up the you know what.
  • Pop the moey.
  • akl stay flossin, presidential roly.
  • Ya'll brothers know me, I step in parties with minks and fly links.
  • Shorties hittin me with eyewinks as I buy drinks.
  • And every girl I got looks like a model.
  • If you ever see me with a chicken then she must of a hit the lotto.
  • Uptown is my home, and where I roam.
  • I stand alone, ak prodigy Cornleone got a song.
  • Sellin weight in and outta state to generate cake.
  • The one jakes hate.
  • Got homicide runnin out of yellow tape.
  • I pack toast with infra red scopes, I turn crews to dead folks.
  • If ya'll fellas is playas, I'm the head coach.


  • aye im back uh know you people bout to here some real facts uh im not
  • going to miss you last time i check your bitch just dissed you we not going
  • to play we just going to flip you uh little bitch do you need a tissue do we
  • have a issue you stuck up like glue get a life and get a life you going to
  • die tonight bust you up like im playing fortnite she rode my dick like a
  • bike and she gave me head i control her like a kite boy you need a life
  • facts spoken chain golden her heart broken are you ready to here a rap
  • explosion you frozen do you here that are spoken see your life now it
  • is stolen you can not pay a token for life dumb nut thats why i stole
  • your bitch now she is a slut i get the pistol i shot her and her name krystal
  • i try to check for a pulse but i found not signal now look bitch you stuck
  • up in the middle this shit not a riddle this shit is just simple now bitch you
  • fucking single man i should give you a sample im spitting shit
  • and rhymes that you cant handle i think you niggas need to turn the
  • channel and you shake just like a rattle you niggas dont want to
  • battle and if you do you are going to lose i killed your son did you look
  • at the news cops looking for clues and shit fuck it im to hard to
  • battle you nigga i refuse

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