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Battle on October 17 2019


  • I can´t think straight, this weird feelin I hate, think suicides my fate, it was for
  • my friend Nate, we both loved to skate, it was our dream but now its smashed
  • like cream, grew up together played in any type of weather, protected him like
  • a younger brother then he moved quicker than a feather, missed each other
  • he got bullied an didn't survive, ever since I heard the news I can´t thrive, no
  • longer have a will to be alive, drive my car off a bridge, smash my ex´s shit
  • with a sledge, hope she jumps off a ledge, hurts to think about the past but it´ll
  • always last, the shit come back too fast, cant move im in a body cast, the pain
  • is so vast, feels like needles in the rain, feel like a sprain in my heart, get
  • pushed around like a shopping cart, I did my part I was their for ya´ll, wasn´t
  • even invited to go to the mall, never even received a single phone call, no
  • wonder why I feel so small even though im six-feet tall, hang myself in the
  • mall for recognition, ya I got fucking depression, weed isn´t a obsession
  • it´s a reason to live,
  • Got those weird feelings,
  • Got those weird feelings,
  • Can´t describe its just
  • Those weird feelins.


  • My brain thinks like an alien on shrooms when i start to loom
  • Ill put you in tomb you fucking weather balloon
  • Baffoon, you was scared of pussy they had to cut you outta the womb
  • I skipped three lines and your still doomed,you can have the extra room
  • I want extra of your soul,consumed off my skull spoon
  • Soon you will realize that your only real in your eyes
  • Like David or ultron,you can meet the wrist, my pen leaks black goo like Prometheus
  • The creator against the hater,judas the betrayer versus the dragon slayer
  • Your raps gayer than Dwight Howardcoward the duck you outta luck
  • I hope you let your bitch see you get ripped up,ill make her ariana grande coverup
  • You better duck or kiss my feet you can get the mac miller or the pistol pete

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