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  • Stuck inside the struggle, weighted down, knees buckle
  • Structure steadily unfoldin, brought down by these nuckels
  • Think imma keep on holdin, When i’m down to barley nothing
  • Nice guy persona eroding, young hearts dying by the dozen
  • I’m attached to storytelling
  • The process of rhyme developing
  • Painted picture off the balcony
  • Dive Landing on a canopy
  • Non factual, possibly, on the other hand, actually
  • You can think it into existence, still putting the work in manually
  • All types formed resistance will hinder talents tremendously
  • Treat every aspect as business, tell the people what your promising
  • flow, rhyme, many more to be honed
  • I’m trying to be as one with the beast that’s dormed
  • Underneath the skin, torn off to win
  • Chompin’ on cartoledge, reached in my bag of tricks
  • manifesting inner findings
  • No sitting back,... unwinding
  • Lited blunt, falling apart, on pages that i’m reciting


  • Ya blind, trying to blend, pretend you have those trap mind
  • Trying to get signed, nice heart, I am going kind, friend
  • Acting so much like a professional, but ya smiling like ya stole them from lost n' found at cashier
  • This shit gonna be tender, make you feel good and regret at the same time
  • What to regret? Regret on ya lame line, release rocks feeling good and repeat
  • Not gonna wasting time on this blind shit, I don't know who you are ain't gonna start this meat
  • Cause it's a waste, ain't gonna being a trending feed, you may be copy and paste, don't play some fucking dirty deed
  • So kid I am sorry if I going too easy, but I am sorry to say that, blind pussy make defender messy, cause I am feeling pointless
  • Maybe ya felt this useless, this ain't a great battle, like a meat boneless, too easy to settle

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