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written battle rap 'tis mavvy :P

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Battle on October 20 2017 and Battle on August 10 2018


  • Just Trevian, it's just Trevian coming gun's blazing hot
  • I just play it off, because he's NAIVE, RT! See that's just Trevian with a 180-flop.
  • With that one punch I KO'd Jizz Tray, like bumping into a spermologist and left cum stains on a "hung" painting of LeBron
  • Forget the scheme.. He just REALLY loves to play ball
  • Speaking of "having balls" I'm not entirely sure if he lets his nuts hang at all
  • He's actually hinted at being a young lady..
  • I know it's a joke but some folks think you're a hoe
  • Got Chekki saying "I'd gnaw-a-toe, she-put-in me butt later on."
  • Get the strap. I ain't talkin' Naruto Shippuden's headband. I brung Pain to talk
  • Meet the onslaught, you'll need a-mega-cure. Unscathed I walk
  • Bear in mind he's from Chicago too, makes sense hearing your voice rap I can confirm he's from "Shy-Town"
  • And by his name alone I can imagine it must be unfavorably awks to live in Richmond Virginia with that General Lee statue and Trump being 1 state across..
  • Nevermind, not to get under your skin but let's discuss this; for your personal top 2 you ranked number 1: Hank, then moi
  • And between us how many times I've won, 3 out of 3 I caught each dub fairly so who the fucks blaming Doc?
  • 3 W's on you they'd think I'm searching a website,
  • You can log in and see all the bodies I collected, I done drained 'em all
  • So bro if you're feeling light-headed it's probably the blood weight you lost
  • Depositing chump change? I need LIQUID ASSETS - I'll help with a fund-razor dawg
  • I have a gross amount of assorted income, what brought you down this time? A sword did, INCOMING -
  • Point blank _____, fill in the rest. I could afford enough money to retire but I'm still investing in spears though
  • Just to fuck you even worse. Wait, he's only 17 years old?
  • Fuck it. Trae, call me TRE. Or call me petty, that was pure gold.
  • I almost got to battle NAC man I was ready a year ago. So you really think you can stand a chance against me Mr. Lyrical Miracle?
  • Awe are your feels hurt? I know I hit close to home - I'm 'round your block with a realtor
  • Floored, not in the clutch, you're as good as my past self 'n your style gassing like an automobile -skrt-
  • I've got more drive, passin' you on the sidewalk, all of a sudden I honk 'n the wheels turn..
  • Life happens. I got this by flying colors like LP's macaw
  • He's not 18 yet, illegal by law but he got me in his mouth so much you'd think he ate my seed like quinoa
  • Derpy derp! Keep shouting me out there's no mercy earned, I'll sucker punch you in that same mouth 25 times each fist and squash any beef like 50 to Ja
  • Your mother will feel like I stabbed her in the heart.. Because you came home to a bleeding maw!!
  • Konnichiwa, I mean aloha, hola! Turn off Halo and call an optometrist because you ain't ready for what's next
  • It's just Trevian with his dyslexia.. Your JIVE'S TRUENT, taking JAUNT STRIVES like you "NEED AIR"? JUST VENT.
  • Translation: the stuff said with his flunked pen can't follow instructions, it up 'n left because tests of his toughness shows he's a pansy that done wept
  • He wants this 4th time to be the charm but like a clover I'm the one that got YOU plucked, friend.
  • Not to mention I'm an herbivore, starvin'. 34th bar in, 34th loss in, you're still a bitch to me Justina Tracy, "I've never heard of her-before." Called it
  • Stealing this "Don's" shine, early morning larcenist. I'm top dog and you're mocking me with furry porn barking shit.
  • Every battle Jūz does, there's 1 determined goal. If earned my vote, he's confident.
  • You depend on my opinion "squirt" I'm your Dad. I guess you can say "I got the juice" and this is the German War of Nazism


  • Ima let y'all in on a secret about maverick
  • We all think he's cool cause his aggression is passive
  • But deep down his grudges are massive like a Russian militia
  • The angry thoughts built up made his dome bigger than the Hagia Sophia
  • Everything about this battle should be elite Maverick
  • I'm talking Ottoman wars and something Barbaric, shouldn't nothing be discrete Maverick
  • Ima stomp in yo teeth Maverick, you're about to be beat Maverick, taze yo ass since you've proven you can survive Heat Maverick
  • Or I get the knife, have him spread out like he's Slavic
  • You think I'm under you? Like I'm the one here for an interview
  • Well I gotchu in the view and it's gun optics
  • Ima Marksman so you know I like the Snipes
  • If not that? Then it's on sight, TMNT, I can't go nowhere without the pipes
  • Yea you competition, that just means I get to take this slowly
  • No quick kills, skill shows in time just like Ginobili
  • Y'all see the tactic? I could've easily said Nowitzki but you know, Fuck Maverick
  • I ain't gone bring up yo battle history, you got me there
  • But I will bring up BYOB, HankG beatcho ass clear
  • You should've stuck to the half queer shit you did vs Psychopuppet
  • Nah you switched yo tune quick when he got his Hands on you just like a Muppet
  • Nigga was like "twist it, bop it, pull it"with yo body that battle
  • Hank laid paws on you like a dog stole the baby rattle
  • I'm writing this with all the malice
  • Putting blood and tears into it like a sacrificial chalice
  • I'm callous, encounters with me don't end with Pokedex additions
  • It end with ICU admissions, I see you trippin' and you take that L quick since I.O.U. something
  • I messaged this bitch about battles before for sure, she kept the lips sealed
  • This can open her if I let it peel
  • The gore at your casket will start a bigger controversy than Grits vs Oatmeal
  • But let's get into something that filled me with hope
  • Maverick stood up for everybody when dopedoc was bullshitting votes?...nope
  • Maverick beat the shit out of LadyVenom and sent slutwalkers back into fullbody coats?...nope
  • Obviously that hope shit was a joke, I'm just showing a consistent theme
  • Under Pressure maverick's natural (Logic) is to drag Nicotine and fucking Choke
  • I got the AK on M and his family when I get to killin em all, made him write a suicide note, WestRoad, I'm the one excited to kill in a mall
  • No feelings involved, psychopathic, knife go jagged, what Mav spill ain't for citizen viewing like a biohazard
  • Me? Not the one to go battling for clout, I'm cold, throwing fire at me just ain't well thawed out
  • This plate? Might start a crisis, I'm talking hype shit.
  • If I finish Mav I'm after the Rest, I'll catch the itis(sleepy after eating]

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