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It's whatever.. how many ever bars... I don't care.. do and say what the funk y'all want!!!

Max of 33 lines


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  • Say your a terror, yeah like Monsters Inc. You couldn't flow, your a drain, we call you The Sink.
  • A walking typo, not a diamond a rhinestone, you ain't in my lane let alone my timezone.
  • Your music is rubbish, don't see why anyone would publish, this "hard" wooden puppet.
  • I wouldn't use your notebook paper to wipe my behind, I could even spit on you, you'd tell people you shine.
  • Act high and mighty but your ass is a pint.
  • Sit down stop barking you ain't got the bite, wouldn't call you M C if you put the I in Mic.
  • I'm kidding, syke.
  • Think you got the beef for the taco, you ain't got the chedder so you can't make nachos, this spice is not yo's, your as bad as your foundation full of potholes.
  • A living amoeba, in ya spleen bruh, like a parasite and I don't need ya.
  • Candy crushes sugar coated bubble gum rappers think your T- Rex but you really pact like raptors, say you speak facts but your missing the factors.
  • Your talk so cheap it's not even donated, they play your music at the station for lowest tracks rated.
  • You say your fire 'look at me number one', but you couldn't add talent if you were radio-activated by the sun.
  • Get off my cloud, no boys allowed, go by to brainwashing the simple minded crowds.
  • I spotted you coming like a cheetah, say your quick win I say your a cheat'a.
  • Using your buddy's bars, collaboration to say it's ours, cuz fighting alone you don't hit as hard.
  • That's for whimps, your not a champ your a chimp, a hoe not a pimp, you say you a G what's that stand for a gimp.
  • Tired of y'all trying me, say I'm fake you lie through your teeth, you just mad cuz you can't trigger this squeeze.
  • Keep on bombing, I'll keep Psalming, cuz while y'all rage in your case of anger, I'ma be content in my calming.
  • So get mad and say what you think should hrut me but y'all fail to see opinions for me are unconcerning.
  • So take a hike, hit the road Jack, cuz I'ma be in your psyche like i got the magic beans back.


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