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Whatever Lil g Z

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  • my Love
  • we'll find love
  • simply cause
  • live with the warmth of mine
  • my love
  • we'll find love
  • semper fi
  • live in this world of mine
  • my love
  • we'll fight love
  • live because
  • leave with the word of mine
  • my love in this world of mine
  • where I feel divided
  • we talked at first but than denied it
  • trying to forget but the remains of the apartment kept us reminded
  • of what couldn't be revinded
  • despite anything I might say or write
  • I took everything for granted
  • that's why all we used to was fight
  • it's either that or flight
  • for me it wasn't that hard to decide
  • my mind wasn't there sometimes
  • so eventually I only came during the night
  • when i felt refined after 25 pints
  • and I know u hated my drunken delight
  • so u only came to fight
  • when i just wanted to write
  • Bonnie and Clyde derived from Jekyll and Hyde
  • we gave each other a hell of a ride
  • it's the only thing at that time that felt right
  • All u ever wanted was to make me feel uninvited
  • while all I did was to hold on too tight
  • through the scratches and bites
  • now I realise why our kids would never grow up to be 2 bright
  • both fucked up parents like Bonnie n clyde
  • Jekyll and Hyde
  • but I guess it's always brightest under the streetlights
  • sometimes I wonder what would be if we tried
  • but than again if we only barely survived
  • our seeds would only learn how to thrive
  • scarred by seeing much you cried
  • struggling through their lives cause of the strife
  • waiting for somethin better than the jagged edges knife
  • but it would never arrive
  • I know now and I know how to get by
  • so BYE my love u won't be revived
  • u will no longer find me on stand by
  • I'll always keep u in the back of my mind
  • as a pretty part of life that began to rot and died
  • a few rhymes about you and I in denial


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  • (verse 1)
  • Finness on the block
  • get gwap
  • real nigga can't stop
  • shoot a nigga dead yea I'm on his block
  • can't stop gotta rise to the stop
  • (verse 2)
  • Draco to the nigga head
  • look at him shaking yea I got him scared
  • want war lil nigga come prepared
  • I be doin the cat daddy while I'm rolling in my wheelchair
  • fuck a bad bid full her by the hair
  • (verse 3)
  • rollie on my wrist
  • white diamonds yea the gonna glist
  • bout to go shopping so I need a list
  • I'm the sickest this at this shit
  • fuck this I'm just waiting for the diamonds on my wrist
  • (verse4)
  • look I'm just rapping
  • while the other niggas just trapping
  • want fight look at me yea I'm laughing
  • in the hellcat no I'm not crashing
  • give me the bat 'cause heads i'ma start bashing
  • (verse5)
  • we be on that gang shit
  • got straight diamonds on this
  • shoot up a school yea I'm a menace
  • she a bad bitch body like Alexis Texas
  • she gonna ride me take me all the way to Texas
  • got 'em all mad look at them yea they jealous
  • 15k yea I spent on the necklace
  • trynna fuck with me i'ma smack you senseless
  • like a baby bird lil nigh you helpless
  • i'ma take her and leave you breathless

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