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you said to challenge so i did :)

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  • this bitch bleeds like an ovary, illegally aged, raped he's Pill Cosbied
  • sit down geek, im a god that's an entity, dont proclaim you got flames if you ain't blasting, no aim
  • your dad sucked my dick cause he's hella gay, pussy nigga celibate, let's celebrate the death of it
  • i stay killing shit, clips set refilling after shooting quick, stupid prick bout as smart as a celery stick
  • pussy bitch got hairs like Hilary Clit, im Donald Trumpin he Forrest Gumpin, pussy mad, that kid is/kittens Grumpin
  • quit your frontin, he busting nuttin even before November's coming
  • pump your brakes clown, sit down for the break down, here's the breaks now, you ain't at my ranks, how you think you could give me a shakedown
  • im Donald Trumpin killing snakes now, clearing States, my artillery's all straight, aiming for the face fuck your fake smile


  • Hey there Mr. 12ShotRandom,
  • Where the fuck did you even come from,
  • Disrespectful shit artists like you aren't welcome,
  • You say you're a God but check all your battle's outcomes,
  • Obviously you have narcassistic problems, you're harmless,
  • A novice on a harness that I control,
  • So let's go for a stroll you mut,
  • I'm about to erupt on this little irrelevant cunt,
  • This is all a desperate attempt to boost your ego, don't front,
  • When it comes to careers I'm frequent with puttin' them in my trunk,
  • But you don't deserve that special treatment, yours goes to the dump,

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