Battles  Canibus vs Apathy_


Battle going through two Lyrical Masterminds!

Max of 64 lines


Apathy_ won this battle!


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  • Verse 1
  • Yo yo yo
  • Now ain't nobody fuckin wit the mastermind
  • I'm like Einstein, a hundred and fifty times magnified
  • Nicola Tesla an', Jon Von Neuman
  • All wrapped up in the body in one human
  • I rhyme the tightest, shine the brightest
  • I blind the optic fibers in anybody's iris
  • When it comes to rappin, I'll smash your ass
  • Whether you Latin, Black or Anglo-Saxon
  • I'll smack you wit a backhand
  • That crack your back like chiropractors after looking at your CAT scan
  • In between albums, I've become a masked man like Batman
  • And stalk my own rap fans
  • I'm like a madman fighting a war
  • Throwing lightning rods, swinging lightning swords
  • Blow you away with a force that'll leave your body lost
  • Gone, nothin to mourn, nothing to do a autopsy on
  • I rock till I can't rock no more
  • Till I can't get no motherfucking props no more
  • Till they boo me on stage when I'm out on tour
  • Till 2000 B.C. ain't hot no more
  • I'm a dragon wit the head of a lion, jaws be like saws grinding
  • Claws rip through walls of cast iron
  • I slap fire at a hoodlum, pull out steel and start shooting
  • I clap iron like Duke Nukem
  • Try to attack 'Bis, you get your face stomped
  • Flatter than a compact disc wit black Timbs
  • Flatter than a Yankee baseball cap rim
  • Flatter than the knife *Jigga* stabbed Un wit
  • Hook
  • If you the first nigga that laugh
  • I'll blow you in half
  • The first nigga to talk trash
  • I'ma blow you in half
  • The first nigga to show your ass
  • I'll blow you in half
  • The first time'll be your last
  • 'Cause I'ma blow you in half
  • Verse 2
  • Yo, check it!
  • I destroy a whole city block when I'm ready to rock
  • Blow the speaker box, magnetically shielded or not
  • Magnetically energy propagates in radio waves
  • Oscillating lyrics and beats copulate then pop your tape
  • Manipulating space in large proportions
  • Millions of brain organs get lost when I start talkin'
  • About shit like, supernatural forces
  • Gnomes and fairies and superstring theories
  • Most of you motherfuckers barely
  • Even understand the English language, much less think clearly
  • When I die, will I go to Heaven or Hell
  • Or will I end up in a place called the Van Allen Belt
  • I researched my roots, looking for proof
  • The best place to hide a lie is between two truths
  • The aftermath of a nuclear blast
  • When the average death sentence becomes a death paragraph
  • I dig a 5 by 9 rectangle in the grass
  • Read your epitaph and bury your ass
  • As the coffin gets lowered into the ground slowly
  • I'll sing all of your greatest hits oldies on Karaoke


Attached media not accessible.

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  • Intro: Sample
  • Check it, loop a funky 45, and I'll wreck it
  • Verse 1: Apathy
  • The radio ain't a factor, to a radioactive rapper
  • I send your soul shootin' through the sky like the rapture
  • I could put racks on the fact that y'all are wacker
  • The facts are I'm faster than Bruce Lee's master
  • I'll mash ya, I'm massive, disastrous massacre
  • I'm sorry there just ain't another cracker of my caliber
  • Excalibur, I'm Merlin with evil spells swirlin'
  • Inside a boiling cauldron, use caution 'cause I'm hurling
  • Stones and rocks in homes and yachts, telephone poles and blocks
  • With strength of a hurricane that drops a gazillion megawatts
  • Of electrical shots
  • I'm so exceptional, the skeptical just shut up and watch
  • Y'all are fronting like your bosses, your business is all week
  • You little dudes are way more Walmart than Wall Street
  • The all-seeing eye, seventh letter, whatever you call 'em
  • The 33 vertebrae inside of your spinal column
  • I shoot a million future Messiahs inside of a condom
  • And shoot a million more at the bottom of hoes when I drop 'em
  • To their knees like followers, dropped at the feet of Christ
  • Need advice, drop the mic, it'll probably save your life
  • Take a hike, we ain't alike, it's serious day and night
  • To put meat in front of a shark and expectin' him not to bite
  • Brighten up, y'all emotional bitches should lighten up
  • Motherfuckers get gassed, so naturally I light 'em up
  • Scratch Hook: Sample
  • Check it, loop a funky 45, and I'll wreck it
  • I'm not your average MC with the Joe Schmoe flow
  • Check it, loop a funky 45, and I'll wreck it
  • Skilled in the trade of that old boom bap
  • Check it, loop a funky 45, and I'll wreck it
  • If you don't know me by now, you'll never know
  • I can kick a rhyme over ill drum rolls
  • With a kick, snare, kicks and high hat
  • Verse 2: Apathy
  • I'm a bad man, take an aluminum bat to Batman
  • And backhand the nurse, then autograph the CAT Scan
  • No pulse, flat line when Ap rhyme, it's halftime
  • Rappers talk back, get a cracked spine
  • Only a face that a mother could love
  • I slap the soul out your body, let it hover above
  • .45 caliber killer, blood spiller, vanilla ape
  • Sleep is the cousin of death, so I'm still awake
  • Facilitate rappers who appear to have a death wish
  • I'm Hell's biggest promoter, I'll throw you on the guest list
  • Nobody's schoolin' me, even rappers that's cool with me
  • It's like they drained the blood from my veins and put jet fuel in me
  • Your tomfoolery will have you runnin' jewelry
  • Two or three of your crew will be bringin' all of your loot to me
  • Stupidly rappers assume I only mean musically
  • Until I beat 'em brutally, I'm fucked up truthfully, yeah
  • Holy Grail sipper, this is the Last Supper
  • I save a chosen few, and let the mass suffer
  • Cash lover, ass toucher, Ap's butter
  • Slash suckers 'fore I chamber a round and blast fuckers
  • Scratch Hook x2

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