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all out tis time to end more streaks of people winning and not losing ole

Max of 35 lines


Baghead951 won this battle!


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  • 911 whats your Emergency?
  • Drag him to his Grave Mark this bitch is my trademark your just a Pissed off Narc
  • Leave your ass in a Ditch whats it gonna be a Paragraph of Useless shit
  • Dont make me Laugh it gave time to weave my own Psycho Path
  • Call up Geico Save your 15 percent you Represent the bent Fender
  • Time for you to surrender and be sent to the blender
  • Will it Blend Expect your Content to be gone
  • Cause the Battle lines Drawn but still do you put a bag over your head?
  • Drag you to the Bridge because your dead thrown into the River
  • You must shiver in fear in that ice cold fridge the damage is savage
  • Your the next Mail bomb package receiver im being calm
  • Oh fuck this dude got trench fever , What happened were you in jail?
  • Did you turn Female because this is more than a blood feud and i snap and
  • I want a fucking Refund whats the point of your rap i kidnap
  • This the Chamber its fucking Auschwitz made of Bricks
  • This is Forced labour your wits wont save you
  • did you piss your pants or get breast implants
  • Your Best wont help the final bid on your death Mr Bag
  • Yeah you Brag you beat Shame its time someone overcame this bitch
  • In which Like Everest not a single exorcist will help when the belt hangs
  • You by your neck where the fangs?Check yourself in your health
  • Cause this is a Titanic Wreck and im the Iceberg your
  • Left to the Morgue time to go Volcanic in my Search to kill this One brainless
  • Fool Explain this if your names Bag head where is your brain
  • This lil Fag will feel lead an i deal out your Final spinal tap
  • This was a trap time for you to crap theres no map to Mafia
  • I hope you Got insomnia did you catch Nausea
  • I guess its too late to impress your in total Distress
  • Let be real your just a Paragraph of shit to laugh
  • And no this shits not Decaf
  • Your a Rat take that vote asking to spam
  • Goddamn get me the bat make him flat
  • Imma Prodigy honestly your a wannabe go study
  • Get real ability Imma GOAT I take you down to your throat
  • tote the gun one Kill Shot your Kill shit eat that little bit no fuckin bot or be caught


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  • Yo, kaze gimme some of these papers
  • I want to smoke some weed before I chase this teenager with my cheese grater,
  • And lay you under this instrumental like the beat maker, you say ya sick of hate but you're the real hater,
  • You're in the top ten most wins list, yeah cause people didn't read the writtens they just Vote fo his Shit,
  • Gross bitches, I'm so good i could end ya career with 10 year old lyrics!
  • I'm slashing this fag, I got no mercy I'm even smashing his head while I'm on an ecstasy tab!
  • Hashish and grass is the only thing that keeps me peaceful, this battle is like a free throw!
  • I won easily I jump from a tree and stampede you, sorry for ya ego I don't wanted to hurt you at least my third personality believes so,
  • I wear a mask cause I don't want to be recognized on the street, hoe but you wear a mask cause you look like a walking freak show,
  • Haha, all you faggots will go up together with my weed smoke, I don't care about fake deceased bros,
  • Ya a buster, a motherfucker who wants me to lose, like I give a fuck about an slut in this room,
  • People with no skillz vote like they already recorded their songs in the booth, You people got nothing to prove,
  • Most rappers on here are whacker than shit, the whackest got like the second most wins now I rap against him,
  • JuzTrae is a faggot ass bitch dissing me but he knows that Bagheads the king, when I step in the ring you get beheaded from his-
  • Hand and his pen, and Mafiaz I like you, I not even try to kill you on the mic, fool do you really think rappad is an lyrical fight school?
  • This is kindergarten, yes i'm a white dude but I'm chilling smoking spliffs in Harlem while I stitch this sharp shiv (knife) in this guy's womb,
  • I pour my booze out on this bums grave, I know the next days will be hard mate, you dissed me that was not so smart mate I still remember when we called you Dark J,
  • You was the little prick who said watch it bag, in the comment sect-ion in the battle with Ame you sucked so bad, you thought he likes you but he knows ya stuff is whack!
  • A month later you hanged on my nuts again, but this time you wanted to give me some props i thanked-
  • you and gave you some props back for that, I though that you got talent, but then you only battled freaks with half hearted parts and you won with spamming,
  • We all got ya message, 4 or 5 times I think we got enough of that Shit, and I promote my battles too, but you spam a dude till he answers you
  • with a simple vote without even reading the verses of the track you knew that you will get to the top with that tactic but I'll be end you noob!
  • and send you back to school! Rap is doomed cause Baghead rules this Rap shit, you act like a gangsta drinking apple juice, I grab some Schnaps to get you fag some booze
  • So you get drunk before you die, see I'm nice you aren't authorized but i still give you some of my Rum goodbye!
  • In three days you will wake up like "something isn't right!, first, bag mocked me with his lines now he even stomped me with his rhymes,
  • and I can't move it feels like he shot me in my spline!" Yeah this will stop you for a while, ya not even a guy you're a pussy with an Cock between ya eyes !
  • You think you'll grow up to be an famous prick with the number one radio hit, but you'll only "blow" when you give ya dealer some fellatio! Shit!
  • Licking his tasty dick yes ya like it ya the gayest kid who talks about raping Bitches, Bitch you get raped from lyrics the shit I say's ballistic,
  • I hate this business, I hurt people that I like just because they jump on my creative hitlist, my own friends don't want me to win anymore they playing with disses,
  • Like there nothing but then they get killed in this sport, I'm ashamed of this Tricks acting like friends,
  • But when you ain't looking they stab in ya back, but they didn't know That I'm wearing an vest on my chest, i slice ya neck with this edge!
  • And after this you'll be scared to get another friendship, cause everytime someone holds your back they Fuck ya ass bitch!
  • Now go back to ya mom and dad and tell him that their son can rap, but on Rappad everyone knows that you bum got smashed,
  • One last tip boi you should take the mafia out of ya name only the fuckin' z fits you better cause you was the last, that I destroyed with my punches like my punching bag!

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