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Battle on April 11 2019


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  • Come on come at me!
  • I’ll fight till the end
  • Don’t care what others say
  • I’ll take this itty bitty war by storm
  • And risk my life fighting back
  • I’ll fight no matter what
  • This my home too
  • I’ll bring the fight to them
  • And show them what’s like to be afraid
  • Come on and fight back!
  • We’ve been here for years
  • Having rights and freedom
  • We’ll show terror what for
  • And we will knock despair dead


  • From justification to the nation's station
  • And I can't breath when I'm high cause the airs too thin , Oh-kay, here's the situation
  • I'm Accelerating And this will be the song that we sing
  • sing for the laughter, sing for the tear , Harder than granite, hoes know I'm coming
  • but this rap you never saw coming
  • We no longer close or nothing , Come downstairs with nothing but a shoe string
  • I come from a Bad place , Left Brain, Super 3, Creator Ace
  • Come all Of you Misfits
  • Golf Wang kill them all nigga, triple six
  • I will wait for your soul
  • Do you get brains, did you make the honor roll , Fuckin asshole
  • See I know when the harsh reality take it's toll
  • You stole the payroll
  • My goal is going gold with out selling my soul
  • You lost your self control an watch as it takes it's toll
  • Your Association is Undeniable
  • Forever I ain't run yet and I never will , Dope enough to snort crack and sit the fuck still
  • I will never Die imma Immortal , On the mic, I am Immortal
  • They just need convincing like Malcolm little
  • Mic Immortality Or do it jackass and leave your breath all shitty
  • I don't make fake shitty one syllable raps,
  • Couldn’t adapt to naps, I wear caps , Go to hell, I mean that, burn you like green backs
  • Administration conrtols the nation
  • Waiting for the perfect time for conversation
  • Kill him, commit suicide, than kill him again.
  • That's your girl, well buddy don't fumble it then
  • That's your Demise
  • In this cracked crack fag back slab in disguise

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