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  • //Hook @SaintJames502
  • Skate deck, pipe bomb, shaved head, tripod/
  • Rain dance, white socks, paycheck, bike shop/
  • Lake bed, sprite pops, fake dreads, wine box/
  • Raid cans, dry mops, cave man, ice box/
  • That's How much we have In common, yuh/
  • That's How much we have In common, woah/
  • Up on this mic we are on it, thats how much we have In common/
  • That's how much we have In common/ Thats how much we have In common/
  • We are not alike there's noone like this in the world/
  • //1st Verse @DertyWithA30
  • //2nd Verse @SaintJames502
  • There aint no body else like us, no/
  • shit we be mopping up beats, yuh/
  • You would think that I'm a biker, why/
  • cuz i got the chop in the street/
  • They dropping a free but don't make any sense/
  • It's not what it seems they just playing pretend/
  • Your bars set up weak like a gate for a kid/
  • so I cock an i squeeze like im taking a piss/
  • They said they want a buzz so im sending them shots/
  • Yo bitch want my dick but im flicking her off/
  • I don't give no fucks to a trick or a thot/
  • Ima cold front just like a temperature drop/
  • They short on the green thats Miniature golf/
  • An They boring to me im just sit there an nod/
  • Me an sip on block gripping a glock/
  • When we pull up they get Scared to death having them piss in their drawls/
  • Busting the gun with the silence/
  • Bet that they run from the violence/
  • Im Puffing this fire cuz i love to get high/
  • Son'n this guy(sun in the sky) then take off like a pilot/
  • Yo Bitch On My Sick an my ball/
  • you better come get the bitch off/
  • you know that we picking them off/
  • I don't have to reach but im.getting across/
  • Mixed an Cover Art By Saint James


  • OK
  • here we go
  • not gonna rhyme slow
  • but i'm gonna rhyme faster than you
  • any time, any day
  • any where, any place
  • any area you choose
  • i'm gonna move and groove
  • lyrically smack you/
  • front hand back hand
  • your gonna be branded
  • with the lyrics that i spit
  • your gonna get stranded
  • with all the knots that i'm tying/ inside your brain
  • in a couple of seconds you'll be leaving this game
  • in a couple of minutes your diagnosed with insanity
  • and for the sake of humanity
  • i hope you quit what you do
  • cause there are thousands of rappers that are better than you
  • and what i'm saying it could be voodoo
  • cause this ain't coming from me
  • its from the Hindu within you
  • the Adrenalins coursing through my lungs and my veins
  • soon this rhymes gonna be tied up in chains
  • it deserves to be locked up for the pain ad the strain
  • and the main reason for the focus I've adopted
  • so i can turn rapping back to the way that it started
  • back then rapping was all of your heart
  • now a days rapping ain't even smart
  • they throw words together like this shits plastic art
  • you never know what they say cause its just mumble rap
  • we need to go back to the days where they were speaking the facts
  • taking the racks
  • making the stacks
  • i hope people listen and start writing those raps

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