Battles  SonnyL vs LilCJ


24 bars no audio only instrumental

Max of 24 lines


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  • i set the standards now i'm going bananas on these amateurs
  • you sampling and rambling outstanding to your man and them
  • fantasizing lying in front of a mannequin like you the man again
  • but you start panicking right after you feel that knuckle "sammich" hit
  • yea i'm on that country grammar shit but i'm more south then Atlanta is
  • i'l damage him whoever answer this i got a cancer spit watch it drip
  • nasty mucus i'll spit in your face if we wasn't on classy computers
  • SonnyL is back and ya'll know he the rudest of the rudest
  • they think he a bot the way he keep coming up with this new shit
  • exclusive rudeness excuse this before more brutal abusing
  • don't get confused with edging and losing you do the choosing
  • your fans don't mean nothing if they ain't buying your music
  • this not about followers its about rappers and Philosophers
  • ain't a obstacle i don't think is impossible when i audible
  • you not a bull your defense is rushing but my house is full
  • check the spread i switch sets with four receiver's to kneel in stead
  • am i killing him yet ten more bars and i ain't breaking a sweat
  • these the repercussion for going against a vet in discussions
  • now you a dysfunctional junkie with a pill habit struggling
  • you ain't half as nice as the people i battled in my past life
  • ask Christ if i sent people last night on they last life
  • yea that's right my incredible record got people respecting
  • you don't get respect in these streets you just get checked in
  • under pressure you couldn't manage the aggression message


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  • right when i get some credit the people who gave me it regret it
  • usually the only credit i care about is on your card
  • but now i take the credit way way to far
  • walk in to there and gimme dem credits or you'll regret it
  • ever have a regret that u couldn't forget
  • well
  • then i bet that regret
  • will let
  • u
  • get paranoied while it plays with u like a shank toy
  • so boy
  • i'm no one to toy with
  • unless u want to get crip'd
  • don't give me that lip
  • no i ain't on dip

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