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No N****

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  • Get out with that vocab
  • drag your bitch ass to rehab
  • I'm just trying to stay outa your drama and shit
  • speech problems, like you smitten more than a lama and shit
  • I be doing a hat trick
  • shooting a rabbit
  • smoking the cabbage
  • call me a savage.
  • Your girls pussy be spacen
  • your face needs a genetic modification


  • What kind of llama is smitten
  • By your strange addiction to eating kittens
  • You're the type to shoot a guy and clean it up with like 50 napkins
  • And you shot him in the first place just to see what would happen
  • You're "smoking the cabbage?" Get outta here!
  • Only one "smoking the cabbage" is Olodumare
  • It's only fair that your death be slow
  • Just a junkie tryna rap but too much meth he overdosed

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