make a remix of ride for me by lil durk

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  • who gonna be the ones to ride for me?
  • probably my day 1's and family/
  • we a riot together undoubtedly/
  • some of us are poetic with quick witt
  • when we spit were poets in for a fix/
  • never coming down from this shit/
  • staying 110% focused /
  • fuck all the people i used to fuck with
  • obviously if they weren't down to help me
  • when i was at my lowest
  • why should i bend over backwards for them when i was the one
  • who everybody has heard of but never noticed/
  • the homies that were the closest turned the coldest
  • in a matter of moments/
  • now i'm hopeless/
  • all i wanna do is have rhymes
  • that are the dopest any body has ever
  • heard/
  • i wanna leave people inspired
  • even though i have suffered physical abuse/
  • i keep it real for my homies that always kept it
  • true no matter what they do/
  • i'm just another person who is tryna make it
  • never bein fake or showin two faces being
  • respectful and honest with these people
  • i don't want people to think im another basic face
  • in a place where i don't belong/
  • i need some space just for a moment i wanna get away from the hate
  • even if im a christian with a fucked up past some can relate/
  • sometimes we have to situate our selves so we don't break/
  • some people have faith in God some people don't that's OK/
  • for all the ones that going through some rough shit i can relate
  • some of it but not all/ for fuck sake people somebody has that
  • one friend or family member
  • that's been abandoned by someone who meant the most to them/
  • at one point where they stood by them in hopes that their life they wouldn't take
  • because of all the lies, betrayal they have faced /
  • they felt like they cant be accepted no matter what they do or try
  • well there is a light at the end of the tunnel and here's why/
  • we grew up being taught motivation and having a strong state of mind
  • to deal with the situations we are all facing whether it making payments
  • or trying to make it famous its a hard fact of life but its important
  • its either do or don't try either way we live and die its the circle of life....


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  • Freestyle Off The Dome recorded with beat in background
  • 1st Codeine
  • 2nd Saint James
  • Youth Gone Mad #YGM
  • Art by R3LNTL3SS

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