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no rules my first battle hopefully someone with a lot of people would vote good luck

Max of 33 lines


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  • I'm beginning to feel like a rap god
  • No fuck that I'm not a copycat like a lot of people here
  • I'm beginning to feel like everybody rapping is a whack, dog
  • Sound like they smoke too much crack and
  • pot and I'm a crack pot on bath salts
  • If you wanna face off, I'll eat your fucking face off, face it your soft
  • And I'm hard as metal
  • Watch artists tremble
  • I'm sharp as the sharpest sharpened pencil
  • Raise the bar to stars and mars and vessels
  • You're starting to bark, your bite hardly settled
  • Tryna tell everybody you are the devil?
  • You're dark as yellow You're hard as jello
  • You smart as a mental retard in a special kindergarten class
  • Who keeps barking
  • "Hello! How are you?!"
  • Sit the fuck down and listen the fuck up, as a push hard on the pedal
  • Hype is a visionary in a fairly twisted, scary, scripted parody
  • And he carries emissaries fit to bury sissy
  • In the very cemetery he's getting married to the dictionary at
  • That's how he kills canaries - Bla!
  • I kill a rival on arrival
  • Ever since I went viral they call me vile
  • And I don't use the word faggot anymore cause critics
  • twist my words into a spiral
  • Just tell them I'm feeling homo-cidal
  • I don't know polite
  • Man I'm telling you rappers, you don't need to keep up
  • , you can look at me like a poltergeist
  • If you need a ghost to write
  • I'll blow your mind
  • If I don't, I ought to make them an ultimatum. I'm proof
  • that my bars raise the roof aint that the truth.


  • They say my shit dope cuz I be spitting raw acid/
  • Comparing you to me is like Nastradamus to illmatic/
  • If you chose to battle me, you must be looking for a challenge/
  • I got bars counted by the karats that you couldn't even manage/
  • We should have a three way battle, that'd be real new to me/
  • You and I could write our lines, the third could write your eulogy/
  • Read in shock and awe, my verse through your computer screen/
  • They say the brain and hands are partners, well you're gonna need a newer team/
  • Dissing the great gonna get you disintegrated/
  • Wordplay and punchlines, coming at you integrated/
  • I'm the first challenger you had, that's not fucking playing/
  • Every other battle that you won is like winning training/
  • Now you facing big league and you better fucking fear it/
  • Imma send you running home with these out the park lyrics/
  • Every word I wrote, got you shivering in cold pain/
  • Just by clicking on this battle you were digging your own grave/
  • Annotations:
  • - My shit "dope" (means drugs and awesome) cuz I be spitting raw "acid" (a drug)
  • - nastradamus was a fail while illmatics a classic, both nas albums
  • - bars counted by the "karats" (my bars as in lines but also play on words with gold bars cuz karats
  • - you run home when you hit a home run, also my lyrics are out of the park which is also a home run
  • Thanks for reading all the way

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