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  • Everytime i look at myself in the mirror i see
  • a man i do wanna be, please, release me from me.
  • I’m tired of being the bad guy because of what people see me as
  • tired of being accused of things i’m not because of the flaws that i have.
  • I just wanna be happy, just wanna be things i’m not,
  • just wanna find a girl and keep her
  • maybe that’s easy but i swear that it’s not i’m a tornado to some,
  • but a person to all at least just treat me like that
  • when you see me walkin in the hall
  • I got feelings too i swear, i just hide them from people
  • because i’m just so freakin scared
  • so be hurt so bad that i tear out my hair
  • crying over someone, is not something i wish to do so if i’m holding back from you
  • i promise it’s not you
  • When i see my reflection i don’t know what to say
  • i just stare in silence i could stare at me all day,
  • cus i’m trying to figure out, what about me is so bad
  • that it makes people wanna talk about me behind my back.
  • i look at my reflection in the mirror
  • why am i doing this to myself.
  • i'm losing my mind on a timely error
  • a million others with me, on the shelf
  • My way to vent to people is through my songs
  • i do it this way so that i don’t get a bunch of stupid snobs
  • trying ask me what is wrong cuz they don’t really care,
  • i don’t need your fake sympathy so just get outta my hair
  • i’m not the type of guy, to go and cry about my life
  • i’m not the type of guy to cut my wrists with a knife
  • i’m the type of guy who deals with his problems through music
  • i feel like if i have a skill then why not use it
  • to show all these little pricks that i’m more than just trash
  • in a few more years no doubt that i’ll be making cash
  • I've never liked to hit, i just aim to be one,
  • people stare at me in awe, man a god, i could be one.
  • Doesn't matter which form im in,i'm different, i used to think being normal is okay but it isn`t
  • It’s just as bad to go unnoticed man, i am remaining
  • the same and i’m honestly really glad

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