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  • Every friend of me
  • KKnows that Im no enemy
  • Of the pen and sheet
  • Tendencies
  • Of deadly beats
  • Atleast ten a week
  • Dont even pretend to sleep
  • Eat, or even leave my room
  • Nah, I intend tto spend
  • every minute tweaking my tunes
  • Speaking my truth
  • And if your seeking the ompth
  • Just leave it to me to beat you to it
  • You Stupid Useless Lazy Humans!
  • Useless like a baby, spoon fed
  • An education and a veiw that
  • Keeps you from doing what wanna do
  • You could never do it like it do it
  • Cause man im on a new level
  • Could level the devil
  • With this heavy flow
  • Drop it like a bomb on his head
  • Crush him like an anvil


  • My rhythm and lyricism are shooters and you're the victim
  • It's a system of wisdom and I'm coming for your kingdom
  • I'll be victorious in the end my title I will defend
  • My name I will represent leaving you dried up in the cement
  • Got albums coming out soon
  • Don't feel trash talk I'm immune
  • These girls suck up like vacuum
  • Rhymes school you like classroom
  • Straight shot with these lines Steph Curry
  • This is a rap yes still poetry
  • Am I the best yes I'd agree
  • My music moving the industry
  • I can also move mountains too
  • When I shoot I make sure it's through and through
  • Don't think I'm good? Boo hoo
  • Sounds like a personal issue
  • I spit out all this fire
  • My mouth is like a lighter
  • Making your future brighter
  • Got 3 rings like a binder
  • I'm all about the word play
  • Maybe role play 50 shades of grey
  • I come to win everyday
  • I murder this game OJ

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