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Written. Something kinda deep

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  • I made mess in heaven becouse i gave my love to devil
  • Soul is worthless in this age of governmental
  • You are lucky if you find a job that doesnt break your mental
  • Who ever wants job in office has no potential
  • I dont want to be an edgy rebel but being dull and little is lifes anal
  • Telling yourself that everything is ok why still believe in fables
  • You realy think that thear is heaven?
  • Going to church will make all better?
  • Then why thears no love amongst man whatsoever
  • Thinking that plesures makes life better, well i know thats a lie cuz im illuminated
  • This is naked truth and if your not brain dead you will get it
  • Life is not for hopefull but for dedicated
  • If you trust all people then be prepared to get devastated
  • Stabed in a back, burned to cinder atleast youl get educated
  • Life is a bitch and i just feel frustrated


  • I've been through hell and back, call me Dante Alighieri.
  • I've had friends walk away from me and it felt scary.
  • I've had a talent for writing, and very unfairly,
  • The craft shifted to rap and I knew it wouldn't spare me.
  • I booted up my laptop and threw some rhymes down,
  • Just to see if I could watch all my regrets drown.
  • I've seen love, I've held it in my hands and let it go.
  • And I now I'm here battling people I don't know.
  • If you want deep, I'll share all of my thoughts with you.
  • Don't get greedy 'cause if you do, then dude you're bound to lose.
  • If you think there's something better out there think it through first.
  • Talk it through with God, maybe step into a church.
  • 'Cause I've given up on love and still don't forgive myself.
  • The feeling still beats in me like I've never felt.
  • And it may not come back, so before it's too late.
  • Hold on to those you love so you don't repeat my mistakes.

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