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  • // Hook x2 - Saint James
  • I made it, I made it, I made it through the hating.
  • I been patient, I waited, for my chance ima take it.
  • They been saying I'm basic, an that I'm not the greatest.
  • But I slay it, filet it, an now they can debate it.
  • // 1st Verse - Saint James
  • Now they can't debate it, they see that I done made it.
  • Pay no attention to the hating, they just mad can't imitate it.
  • Break in the game an I'm renovating, blowing smoke need ventilation.
  • Shit I'm spacing out it like I'm out here in a spaceship.
  • //
  • Fuck the conversation, if you ain't talking about this money.
  • These motherfuckers be out living here bummy, an i swear they aint getting nothing from me.
  • Man I'm from Kentucky, but this ain't country.
  • They trying bring some beef, but all I'm seeing is some lunch meat.
  • Out here Acting hard but they soft as a buttcheek.
  • Got your baby momma spread out on the love seat.
  • //
  • Shit like Buffy I'm a slay these blood suckers.
  • Smash in they face untill I'm breaking some knuckles.
  • Taking off my belt, an I'm swinging the buckles.
  • An I'm throwing punches untill I'm straining some muscles.
  • //
  • Can't take the hustle YGM R3LNTL3SS, Venus, Jay Ar3 Going Hard when we in this.
  • Man we flip the script like Olympic Gymnast.
  • Leave them bloody like a period, not ended a sentence.
  • //
  • Deep in the trenches we ready for war.
  • Spitting punchlines till the head is sore.
  • Better start heading towards exit door.
  • So much shells on the ground looking like see shore.
  • Saint James OffTrack an relentless in this whore. An we blowing up like a stick of c4
  • //Hook x2 - Saint James
  • //2nd Verse - OffTrack
  • Ay yo it's perfect cell
  • you looking gollum in a room with elves
  • i'm a shogun, a Trojans with the swords of Twelve
  • add Asura, Yukimura, Ace Ventura cause implosion on the world itself
  • all you gotta do is add the fuel, i'll leave you smaller then a molecule
  • playing pussy what you got Toulouse,
  • this my forte till i'm forty, i ain't salty man i only swim in mana pools
  • hitting bunnies with the thud, shooting full Elmer
  • Masamune with my chick how im gonna wield her
  • i'm feeling super duper Stark, fuck a tony
  • and i'm fathering these demons call me Oni
  • too fast like Ramadan
  • i'm getting bolder and they pant like jogging with dogs
  • exposing the flaws and deposing the gods
  • gonna make it in the end no matter the cost!
  • spitting that venom, offy he kills em
  • that's symbiote spewing i'm staining the ceiling
  • i'm raising the bar as i'm training with krillin
  • fuck solar beams got senzus for healing
  • i'm giving these weebs someone to believe in
  • because i'm one of them, got the fist of ken
  • shoryuken!!!, disrupt your zen
  • lavviathans i'm flying on, got all these goons relying on me
  • donning blaster rifles and expensive tea ware
  • pew pew pew pew pew pew
  • onomatopoeia
  • //Hook x2 Saint James
  • //3rd Verse - R3LNTL3SS
  • //Hook x2 - Saint James


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  • A lone Wolf, never got laurels.

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