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  • I don't know if you quite know what I'm going through
  • In order to cute you like this I'd need to use a multitool
  • Cause Ricky baby you won't need to spit when I'm done with you
  • Mostly cause your jaw will be dismembered, I.E. Split in two
  • Unfortunately this one won't be one that you can win
  • I may be new to this, but motherfucker I can spin
  • Spin so hard your head will melt, somewhat akin
  • To Indiana Jones, runner up won't even compare to it
  • I really hope you prepared for the apocalypse
  • Cause when I clip this rap off an eclipse
  • Will cause you to dip into glorious splits
  • Not the banana type, the kind that'll give you the shits
  • Too bad your legs don't go that far, you're too old bitch
  • By the way, this is me going easy
  • If I were full throttle like Yeezy
  • You'd be done by line two, easy peasy
  • I'll take you down slowly, now you're fuckin piecemeal


  • oh my god….here we go again
  • you challenged me to battle? i thought that we was friends
  • on that note i like you and ill go easy
  • did you know you aint a gangster if you call yourself yeezy?
  • ill kill you straight up like pac would
  • when im done ill sign my name in your blood
  • you say youll take me to your town…no thanks
  • why would i wanna see your sister give you a wank?
  • or your mum maybe your dad too
  • i dont know what the fuck you get up to
  • but i will spin a line that will not be forgotten
  • like a spider i spin silk where as you spin cotton
  • i have 8 legs to run circles around you with
  • thats 8 more ways to make your body stiff
  • ok so im gonna go now cause tomorrow i have work
  • not everyone sits around all day watching the own mommy twerk :)

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