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  • Killing this shit as Chow
  • Not afraid to let the flow speak.
  • Because you here me you’re like WOW,
  • But when you see me you’re like please.
  • Well that’s all right for me cause I’m out this world
  • Avoiding mars, I don’t need to see Wayne Seez.
  • And speaking of seas I’m sailing them
  • No need for a shovel sense when I kill someone there is no reason to bury em.
  • I’ve got a lot of bodies to contend with,
  • But I seem to be the only one standing on the monolith.
  • I’m on the dark side forever
  • My heart is so cold you walk around me and shiver
  • But, my mentality is whatever
  • because all I need to be is real and cleaver.
  • I am asked if I will falter
  • my answer is never.
  • I will continue to use this gift
  • just excuse me as this rhyme scheme creates space time continuum rift;
  • So powerful that I went back and started Continental Drift.
  • All the other rappers are on a graveyard shift
  • Because I’ve entered the game
  • And I’m in to slaughter those who are in it for the fame.
  • Because for me it is a therapy for inner pain
  • Put an entire world in my brain.
  • Danm that caused me a headache
  • Popped some aspirin and now its time to grill this beat like a stake.
  • I’ll meet any one with a firm handshake
  • Put a smile on my face,
  • But you’ve met me now and it would be best for you to stay awake.
  • You better be scared
  • I am in your garden of Eden posing as a snake.
  • Some call me the intimadator
  • Step into an octagon best believe I am a slayer
  • If I wasn’t so dark you could call me King Arthur,
  • But I’ve genecided MC’s claiming Dragons I can never be a harbor.
  • Once again its Chow I am about ready to call it a day
  • but don’t fret and get in dismay
  • you’ll see me soon
  • I promise with no delay.
  • Just sit back count the W’s and L’s
  • For every one someone had to pay.

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