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  • It's all in my head, my imagination.
  • We call that repression.
  • What you expectin'? I let it run free?
  • We call that depression.
  • One of these rappers is not like the rest,
  • look how he's dressed, you wouldn't have guessed,
  • I'm dressed for a funeral, puttin' a track down to rest,
  • I have numeral, watch as I beat em to death!
  • Ready for this? Ready for this, kids?
  • I'm teachin' a lesson you won't wanna miss, kids,
  • so if you miss it then you become misfits,
  • but you don't know what you're missin', trust me kids,
  • I'm on a mission to mix it up,
  • this is the business, it's why we visit.
  • Bottle the feelin' cause I'm gonna miss it,
  • yea, I know that I'm gonna miss this.\
  • A vengeful spirit, a lyrical imperialist.
  • Someone you can't kill, a talented lyricist.
  • Immortalized now, so if your about to put me
  • in the ground then I think I'm gonna crawl back out.
  • We are the ones who have bitten the dust.
  • We are the ones who have lost what we love.
  • We are the ones who will never give up.
  • We are anonymous.
  • Vacuum packin' every syllable, stealin' focus like a criminal,
  • keepin' mistakes at a minimal, keep it phenominal.
  • Timin' the rhymin' and findin' the rhyme scheme,
  • know what I mean?
  • Strikin' like lightnin' while writin' a legacy,
  • Carelessly buryin' hatchets in cherry trees,
  • Beatin' on beats to acquire serenity,
  • I achieve immortality.

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