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  • Don't fuck with me or I'll cut you up, slice you n dice you into the size of rice,
  • As I roll the dice I'll Place a price on your head as you kiss my foot tread,
  • I'll have your mind erased You'll lose all trace,
  • This is no race I'll put you in your place as I beat you with this wheel brace, choke you with
  • A shoe lace as you die in a fast paste, won't be such a waste as you wasn't good taste!
  • Swallow this bitter pill, no shit you will, it's ecstasy, it'll give you a new destiny!
  • Put your life downhill as you degrade to rock bottom's ville, have your head spinning
  • Like a windmill out for a kill it gives such a good thrill!
  • Rip this shit apart, you little tart, you've got no heart, just a worthless fart
  • Ready to depart, they call me Bart from Simpsons cause I'll be giving you bitch's
  • Symptoms!
  • Combine these skills and you'll be tripping hills giving you the chills you'll be
  • Corroding like rusty sills!
  • I'll wipe off that smile! Your shits vile, I'll have you cry a river nile long as a mile!
  • Thinking your wild, raps like a ten year old child producing mild ryhmes sounding like
  • Wind chimes commiting crimes raps as fast as a 6 second vine your shits grime,
  • This bitch is outta time, your turn to produce a line!


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