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  • I'm known to go around in bouts every now and then
  • And though I've lost most of them I feel it's time to transition
  • And earn my letter, man, so I can be a letterman better than the best veteran.
  • I may sound cocky, but stay for a while
  • And watch as I beat the dude who doesn't know how to delete the post for his crap freestyle
  • You said that it was wack and I'm inclined to agree
  • I could sugarcoat it but that wouldn't be true of me
  • I'm gonna be a good man and finish what's on my plate
  • You took the bait so stay afraid
  • There's no time to fix your mistake and set things straight
  • You may as well accept defeat or be impeached
  • No chance to be redeemed only deceased
  • You thought you has this win but you need to hand it over
  • I won't come closer 'cause of your body odor
  • When I rap people stay and listen
  • On the mic I'm a killer like OJ Simpson


  • Lyrical monster, doe boys keep trying me
  • A miracle bro, that you will survive this panic
  • Im higher with the zanny, pulling yo panties
  • Hook it on the pantry, leave you empty handed
  • Hanging, somewhere but you staying on Freeze
  • Can you believe, you be uncured Sdt, hiv
  • No need to scream, get some mickey ds
  • New grand mac is all you need
  • You pretty cold, so reheat
  • Slay being honest, not feelings
  • Im feeling up there kinda like shoffy
  • Your overrated self kinda like ralphie
  • Sting everywhere niggaa bout to call me ali
  • Make yall boys drop down, why is everything dropping

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