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  • Prod Jay Are
  • Mixed an Mastered Jay Are
  • Art Jay Are
  • 1st R3LNTL3SS
  • 2nd Saint James
  • 3rd GetLegitSon
  • 4th Venus
  • 5th Jay Are
  • //2nd Verse - Saint James
  • Forever engrained with pain so I'm living a thug life.
  • Do a line catch a drain chasing it with a bud ice.
  • Trying get these stacks an never crap out with these dice.
  • Not to many got my back so I never
  • back out of a fight.
  • //
  • Im just blacking out at night, cuz I'm the last ninja.
  • Spitting Bars like ninja stars, an they finna stab in you.
  • I'm the drive in this car, R3LNTL3SS the passenger.
  • If you Try to cross our path an that's where your paths ended.
  • //
  • Shit they just trying sleep on us like bad women.
  • Shit I always spit some sick, an kill with the fast rhythm.
  • I'm smashing them, an laughing i attack them.
  • Shotty blast get put in the body bag an i zip them.
  • //
  • Don't want to clash with him, I got the heart of a samurai.
  • Try to step to I, that must be your plan to die.
  • I'm killing these babies, like committing infanticide.
  • I knew you was a pussy, could tell by your panty lines.
  • //
  • More bitch then dandelion, have you covered in roses.
  • Dump both my guns an Reload them, man Somebody should have told them.
  • I just crush my opponents, Cuz they can't fuck with my focus.
  • Leave them laying in a coma like they last name was Odem
  • //
  • You would think that I owed them, they way I'm paying them back.
  • Remember way back when they pointed they fingers an laughed.
  • Sometimes I wish they could see my face through this mask.
  • So when that take they last breath the say my name as they gasp.


  • your going down yeah im taking your crown
  • im the baddest motherfucking Rapper
  • around your going down yeah this how i do it
  • i got the skill and i don't need a fucking
  • battle to prove it shit you should just give
  • up and quit there ain't no way that you can handle
  • the that i spit these bars I'm not human this shit's from Mars
  • this rap game is run by a bunch of retards
  • you think you're tough yeah show me your scars
  • you think your gangster because you've been behind bars
  • your going down yeah im gonna win I'm gonna beat your ass
  • over and over again

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