Battles  cHow vs MrHudson


Don't dis peoples family thats low. Cursing is optional.

Max of 39 lines


This battle ended in a tie.


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Battle on February 25 2017 and Battle on March 2 2017


  • First things first lets keep these bars flying
  • I don't need you say'en your the best cause that's lie'en
  • lets be civilized and do things respectively.
  • I am new to the game of battling,
  • but I'll make a prison with these bars so tred carefully
  • But your locked in it any way so keep the bars rattling.
  • I have seen the future I know this will happen inevitably.
  • Man I really gotta take a piss
  • So I'll make it rain and I wont miss
  • I don't even need to know any thing about you to make a dis
  • In fact to dis you is fruitless
  • But I'll out rap you until your like screw this
  • Running circles around you on a track
  • As you try to catch me you'll throw out your back
  • I'm sorry, but there is a lot that you lack
  • Don't worry on the next lap ill pull up with a med kit in my fanny pack.
  • I was born to win
  • As soon as you step into a room with me you get skinned
  • I'm not afraid to let you in
  • I have nothing to hide even my deepest sins
  • because I've made amends
  • So it depends
  • The door is open
  • are you ready to step into range for me to do some quick scope'n.
  • This is my heart on platter
  • Don't take advantage and make it splatter
  • Were just rhyming here dawg my thoughts are scattered.
  • Let me get it back together
  • Collect it like trading cards and then rain on em like bad weather
  • But the question is whether
  • you are able
  • To deal with a person who will one day be an inspiring fable.


  • Look Gary glitter, i'll come at you like a spam fritter, fuck your shitter,
  • cover you all in vinegar until you taste bitter, ii'll have you cry me a river I
  • can be so sinister! i'll annihilate ya like an alligator...
  • Kiss your momma with that mouth? made her choke on my dick it felt so
  • sick! possibly gave her a disease you've most likely now got herpes as
  • I filled her mouth full of my baby cheese, pussy like a wizards sleeve i'd
  • get more pleasure if I stuck my dick in the wind and caught a breeze,
  • so hollow reminded of the horror sleepy hollow, still fucked it like no
  • tomorrow! My rhymes and skills will have you degrading hills, you've got
  • a KD of zero kills, i'll have you pop these pills as your thrills have my
  • head spinning like multiple windmills, your shit gives me the chills bitch
  • you ain't got money to pay yo own bills

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