This is a song about "Ancient"

Cause now it's on for you and me, all i can see

I'm in ancient greece, getting head from aphrodite

Hop over, run backwards, with a knap sack of green supreme hats

My bars are harder than ancient artifacts, so sit back and relax

An ancient myth... born upon a shaky cliff

Can't be positive, when the ghetto's where you live

See i aint got time for u bitches,i only got the time thats set, ill go psycho and

Making rappers go ape shit giving inspiration to live until you're ancient

Book of poetics, like ancient relics when i rhyme

Gucci rocking his gold rollie, i'm rocking mine

Attributes of aristotle from the era of alabaster archways and ancient aqueducts.

Without the glovesno love for these fake desperadosand thugs i bleed to envysmoke and blow out they blunts

Ancient aliens first time seeing a flying saucer i'm not a human monster

It's lopsided like a aa college student trying to undertake a d1 scholar

And another for building from nothing like pyramids that are ancient

Never let another rap nigga hit it from back or the front