This is a song about "Ancient"

I'm trying to make a profit out of living in this sini'm in the dark getting buzzed, looking for some love

Attributes of aristotle from the era of alabaster archways and ancient aqueducts.

And another for building from nothing like pyramids that are ancient

I want to tie her body up and throw her in my basement

It’s a party in my pants and you invited with all that dance

My bars are harder than ancient artifacts, so sit back and relax

I just wanna get some head, maybe ass ‘fore i leave

So many gods of rap, think i'm in ancient greece

Grab your bulletproof vest niggacause its gonna be a long one

Sending out an ancient message that my mission's only just begun

Me and satan vacatin to ancient alien places

But i need your faith in me, i'm a sucka for love

Jealousy inside, make'em wish i diedoh my lord, tell me what i'm livin' for

Ancient aliens first time seeing a flying saucer i'm not a human monster

Making rappers go ape shit giving inspiration to live until you're ancient

See i aint got time for u bitches,i only got the time thats set, ill go psycho and