This is a song about "Ancient"

Commence to poppin' motherfuckers copy it fatalefficiently i delete then flee

Ancient regimes believed in absolutism related to aryan supremacy

One bullet to the brain, forgive my sins and alli didn't mean to be a bother

Ancient aliens first time seeing a flying saucer i'm not a human monster

Constantly talkin shit 'bout the next relative

An ancient myth... born upon a shaky cliff

So the mind they mine don't coincide with mine

Book of poetics, like ancient relics when i rhyme

I keep my friends close, enemies closer, fuck both, i dont trust no one

Sending out an ancient message that my mission's only just begun

I want to tie her body up and throw her in my basement

And another for building from nothing like pyramids that are ancient

She looks better than beyonce, alicia keys

So many gods of rap, think i'm in ancient greece

My bars are harder than ancient artifacts, so sit back and relax

Hop over, run backwards, with a knap sack of green supreme hats