This is a song about "Ancient"

An ancient myth... born upon a shaky cliff

Destined to win, get respect where i live

Making rappers go ape shit giving inspiration to live until you're ancient

Keeping em' shook chanting for hope,rhyming like me is hard to do like you and

And another for building from nothing like pyramids that are ancient

But every other part of you make me wanna depart and

Ancient aliens first time seeing a flying saucer i'm not a human monster

So i tried to show her about the world and about just who we really are

Without the glovesno love for these fake desperadosand thugs i bleed to envysmoke and blow out they blunts

Attributes of aristotle from the era of alabaster archways and ancient aqueducts.

Ancient regimes believed in absolutism related to aryan supremacy

Even the cops can't stop us, my enemies flipwhen they see me drink a fifth of that hennessy

That bastard was buzzing like woody so we get it for free

I'm in ancient greece, getting head from aphrodite

Hop over, run backwards, with a knap sack of green supreme hats

My bars are harder than ancient artifacts, so sit back and relax