This is a song about "Ancient"

And another for building from nothing like pyramids that are ancient

I want to tie her body up and throw her in my basement

Wolf gang pete and gon' live, running outta time

Book of poetics, like ancient relics when i rhyme

Without the glovesno love for these fake desperadosand thugs i bleed to envysmoke and blow out they blunts

Attributes of aristotle from the era of alabaster archways and ancient aqueducts.

See i aint got time for u bitches,i only got the time thats set, ill go psycho and

Making rappers go ape shit giving inspiration to live until you're ancient

Me and satan vacatin to ancient alien places

And we way too young to know love, maybe not but we don't need no rush

I wake up at the slightest peep, and my sheets are 3 feet deepi guess it's hard for you to see

Ancient regimes believed in absolutism related to aryan supremacy

Ancient aliens first time seeing a flying saucer i'm not a human monster

Jealousy inside, make'em wish i diedoh my lord, tell me what i'm livin' for

Sending out an ancient message that my mission's only just begun

They ain't grossing a million liquid, don't form an opinion