This is a song about "Ancient"

Even the cops can't stop us, my enemies flipwhen they see me drink a fifth of that hennessy

Ancient regimes believed in absolutism related to aryan supremacy

My bars are harder than ancient artifacts, so sit back and relax

But on the other hand i don't understand why you got other plans

Keeping em' shook chanting for hope,rhyming like me is hard to do like you and

Making rappers go ape shit giving inspiration to live until you're ancient

I'm in ancient greece, getting head from aphrodite

Wish you was around now to see what i've become see

Sending out an ancient message that my mission's only just begun

Nigga there is a difference between bitches and real women

Just the perfect time, just to master mine

Book of poetics, like ancient relics when i rhyme

Bring´╗┐ the battering ram where you live

An ancient myth... born upon a shaky cliff

A lot of women from conversation could fall in love

Me and satan vacatin to ancient alien places