This is a song about "Actor"

I was alerting her just to reinsert in her

Ain't got love for actor suckers and gay lover

A writer, producer, actor, rapper, an emcee

And i don’t know why you sucker niggas can’t see

And i won't be lyin' when i say i’m a sick rapper

And that one click is ruined when its taken of an actor

And i got a little big, keep it low key

Ay yo come on, girlfriend i ain't no actor, really

To many familar faces an regular occouring dangers when im filled with anger,

Rather capture the actor, oops i meant the pastor, fucking bastard n' after gather this chatter.

Actor done the switch of my gun

But girl you got me open

You an actor i'ma rapper

I've been so thorough, that's what i boast for

Ay yo you wonder who i are

Acid addict, costly avid actor