This is a song about "Actor"

This man can single handedly save the culture

Ain't got love for actor suckers and gay lover

And i'm not bragging, i'mma be in her

You an actor i'ma rapper

Acid addict, costly avid actor

I'm past that, i'm working on my master

Perfect 10 and lord knows that i need one

Actor done the switch of my gun

Slit sparks with a razor, hooked up to a taser, so as im slicing her i can tase her

Rather capture the actor, oops i meant the pastor, fucking bastard n' after gather this chatter.

But if you took a second mr. mirror, you would see

A writer, producer, actor, rapper, an emcee

Flow so sick thought he wrote the rap for him - no sir

And that one click is ruined when its taken of an actor

Ay yo come on, girlfriend i ain't no actor, really

I know a bunch of envious niggas don't love my city