This is a song about "Actor"

And that one click is ruined when its taken of an actor

And all that deep shit i was previously down for

Ain't got love for actor suckers and gay lover

She still don't know i made sarah to strangle her

I know a bunch of envious niggas don't love my city

Ay yo come on, girlfriend i ain't no actor, really

Something worth dying for

You an actor i'ma rapper

You too young and you don't know what i'm fightin' for

Acid addict, costly avid actor

Rather capture the actor, oops i meant the pastor, fucking bastard n' after gather this chatter.

Notice me for who i am, going headstrong as a determined ram. no capacity for

A writer, producer, actor, rapper, an emcee

Highest form of respect, if you say you're not ready

So the ones eye has freak don't run

Actor done the switch of my gun