This is a song about "Actor"

Hey, who dat, who dat? that nigga you been waiting for

Ain't got love for actor suckers and gay lover

I can only imagine

Actor done the switch of my gun

You an actor i'ma rapper

Yeah, right, get over here faster

Acid addict, costly avid actor

Of impactful things one can ask for

Wish you was around now to see what i've become see

A writer, producer, actor, rapper, an emcee

And that one click is ruined when its taken of an actor

Wit’ some killers and everybody know who we are

Ay yo come on, girlfriend i ain't no actor, really

Sometimes you go stores and buy everything that you see

Rather capture the actor, oops i meant the pastor, fucking bastard n' after gather this chatter.

Nothing else matters, as long as i have the answers. come down on the game heavy as a sledge hammer.