This is a song about "Actor"

You an actor i'ma rapper

Yeah, they call me country grammar

Yeah, right, get over here faster

Acid addict, costly avid actor

There she go, just what the doc's been lookin for

Ain't got love for actor suckers and gay lover

War is not peace it never ever was now were are learning all the wars like the scores really matter

Rather capture the actor, oops i meant the pastor, fucking bastard n' after gather this chatter.

To you niggas biting my flows and my subject matter

And that one click is ruined when its taken of an actor

A writer, producer, actor, rapper, an emcee

Lock my heart up, this is jail, throw away the key

Mami... she open, she open

Actor done the switch of my gun

Ay yo come on, girlfriend i ain't no actor, really

Shawty stay up in philly, shawty was hella pretty