This is a song about "Accident"

Of the baby not bein' digested by a fuckin' hungry punk

Even if i make it, ill think it was an accident.

I'm driving in a stolen truck, and i'm probably fucking drunk

You accomplish something great, like little kid who didn't make no accident

Perhaps you suffered brain damage back when you had that accident?

I do not know how that dead body got inside of my trunk

That scary love, never get married love

It was sorta an accident, and a witness?

Just stuck in this bullshit loop like i was born an accident

Told the fucking faculty that he was at a meeting and

Still thinking about this accident in the news/

I got a girlfriend she like them gucci shoes

Know what? dope, crack, and coke is in the coat tucked

Man imma kill you and pretend like it's an accident

You're just another rhyming accident that rap left in abandonment

Waiting on mom to bring me the aspirin from a trampoline jump