This is a song about "Accident"

You're just another rhyming accident that rap left in abandonment

Waiting on mom to bring me the aspirin from a trampoline jump

While i’m somewhere in the back, getting blowed like a blunt

Even if i make it, ill think it was an accident.

Perhaps you suffered brain damage back when you had that accident?

As well as supper; then i'll rummage through her ruptured cunt

Accident, dude was on his way to be an activist

Take a look, to this bullet, now my finger slipped

Please call the ambulence i think i had accident

Then they'll play with mario brothers when it was duck hunt

But every other part of you make me wanna depart and

You accomplish something great, like little kid who didn't make no accident

Killing them with a.b.c's, #ask #him aint' a #accident, no need for an a&e.

But habits have changed and i've been trying to change mine all the way