This is a song about "Abuse"

You wonder how it feels to walk a mile inside tha shoes

Me, going to lose? i'll kill you without touching you, verbal abuse/

Cause baby i refuse, to do a pup some abuse

You would think that i had a match for a tooth

I'll roundhouse you into a fucking basket

I use it but i don’t abuse it

You remind of a dead moose, beaten up kids screaming" fuckin abuse!"

Rollin' down the street, smokin' indo, sippin' on gin and juice

Even though i'm a victim of my father's abuse

So you can ask black thought if i know my roots

Just woke up and screamed, fuck the world

Abuse different verses to keep lips pursed

And start hurting other people with verbal abuse

Let me enlighten you, i am the brightest of the youth

We in control, the people know i speak the truth

Cruisin in bottles, lottery tickets, and drug abuse