This is a song about "Abuse"

Chillin' in pajamis, waitin' on the first

Abuse different verses to keep lips pursed

Pathological liars even know i'm the truth

Cause baby i refuse, to do a pup some abuse

I make my old bitch buy me all the latest shoes

Even though i'm a victim of my father's abuse

And you all will respect that

I use it but i don’t abuse it

And start hurting other people with verbal abuse

Niggas mostly assume, niggas make up they news

Cruisin in bottles, lottery tickets, and drug abuse

That man there throw wale on the shelf and i lose

I'ma try to rhyme and get through, i'm documenting the truth

// satanic voice: satanic ritual abuse, just let loose,

And i snap like bob backlund in the booth

Want to shoot your rhymes because there an abuse