This is a song about "Swag"

Pimp nigga's hating on my swag bitch fuck you

Soon to smoke em by the yard till my lungs can't get through

You have swag, i even prefer based god over you

You ain't never shed light on nothing that they're going through

But his swag so dope he fuck them bitches from behind

Dope money still a object, it’s the same damn grind

So go ahead with your swag, the irrelevant cool

But me and my brother never made it out school

Mr. cocaine muzik, i’m 100 proof

My swag is to the roof

Swag never off, all i know is ball

Alright, yeah, nigga, i was in the mall

{*both*} but first lemme, lemme, lemme talk to her

I got swag and i aint rocking tommy hilfiger