This is a song about "No life"

Reppin real life experience, no loose ends, mysterious,

That’s like a complacent atheist is asking for jesus

Marshmallows inside my pen

No life ahead of them

No valid shot at life, chance to make it or succeed

You know if you was harder than me then you'd be lead

Hit the club and i let it fly, claim you balling nigga telling lies

I say its a hard life growing up, with no trust with you're parents, hard life

We will never die, we are forever alive

But shit i ain't with her no more not in this life

I shoot you and kill ya homie, with the same damn nine

Im no longer about that life, though there was some time

I feel like a low-life, with no life

Uhh, addicts arise, when i arrive

Break every fiber until you got no life

Becoming someone you don't recognize