This is a song about "Hacker news"

When i ask him for shit, i get no answer, so god is the cancer

I am about to blow shit up dont interrupt i am a mental hacker

I’m tryna be low key

News flash: concern in the city,

Karma grasped and the moms collapsed from the news

We in control, the people know i speak the truth

Bail hard but balling 50 on them pretty shoes

I was only 16 years old when i got the news

Yea, smoking loud enjoying my youth

Boring things in life such as the news

One time for the girls with the right shoes

Peruse through life like it's the news

And i snap like bob backlund in the booth

But my flow is moved like earthquakes news

Silver bullets, purple piff, blue pills, grey goose

Always a crew, didn't care who, just let loose with bad news