This is a song about "Hacker news"

Ain't none of my niggas crip, and we giving niggas the blues

And now his crimes are flashing and seen all across the news,

Kill the jungle let the cats loose

Sit here all day, watch the news?

You cant grab on whats on the news

'cuz y'all don't understand i will not lose

Fuckin' up my prestige, till i live with the blues

Karma grasped and the moms collapsed from the news

Im not in the mood for any more bad news,

That man there throw wale on the shelf and i lose

My time with their half-witted reviews

Peruse through life like it's the news

Still thinking about this accident in the news/

Fuck it we on the move, none of use tryna lose

Boring things in life such as the news

You would think that i had a match for a tooth