This is a song about "Garbage"

Make their feets get wet and funky up in they under arms

Came from a pail of garbage, hard as nails, trailer parks,

You might say this is garbage but its talent

The club underwater, have em running out the front

In a garbage can, that'll cheer you up and let ya heal

Puns of pearls, yo tongue will twirl, looka here

Your ho be on my penis, she check my french, bitch

You rely on trash talk cause you're rhyme's are just garbage

The only reason that i put up with this moody ass bitch

You frail artist, ima get rid of ya stale garbage

Malignant, belligerent, believe me i'm living this

Partially garbage artists depart on par with rat carcasses

I'm a real producer and you just a piano man

Garbage stan, fuck with me, ima dip you in a garbage can

Creations of garbage meaning you have no vocation,

I don't want plastic nation, dread that like a haitian