This is a song about "Garbage"

Ive been discriminated against, evaluated than tossed out like garbage,

Salute me, game: invented it, and you can't get no membership, little bitch

Dead at thirteen cause he yearned to bang

Fuck of man u smell like a garbage can

Well give me grab iti was born inside a love zonewith a glock-nine young marriage

Mainstream artists are all retarded illuminati makin profits off garbage

Partially garbage artists depart on par with rat carcasses

He fathers her only kid that's why my homies let him live

Wifey like it one minute next minute she don't, man

Garbage stan, fuck with me, ima dip you in a garbage can

In a garbage can, that'll cheer you up and let ya heal

Metro zoo in here, with my crew in here

Odd future wolf gang like they're filmin' twilight in this bitch

Dressed like a sailor, standin' by a pail of garbage