This is a song about "Garbage"

Salute me, game: invented it, and you can't get no membership, little bitch

I literally could shit on paper and it'd be better than this garbage

All your other fuckin garbage

And that's why they called you bitch

I put her on the train, little engine could, bitch

Monkeys be throwing shit at because your bars are garbage

Make their feets get wet and funky up in they under arms

Came from a pail of garbage, hard as nails, trailer parks,

Ive been discriminated against, evaluated than tossed out like garbage,

Well give me grab iti was born inside a love zonewith a glock-nine young marriage

In a garbage can, that'll cheer you up and let ya heal

And i'm about to fill y'all in on the real

Dressed like a sailor, standin' by a pail of garbage

Augh, i'm the hottest nigga, all i do is turn up, bitch

Chima ferguson's bangin', you ace niggas is low card, wolf gang

Garbage stan, fuck with me, ima dip you in a garbage can