This is a song about "Garbage"

Trigger being pulled, niggers in a ditch

All your other fuckin garbage

But i'mma cut through the line to get outta this bitch

You frail artist, ima get rid of ya stale garbage

He fathers her only kid that's why my homies let him live

Partially garbage artists depart on par with rat carcasses

You might say this is garbage but its talent

My parents went away on a week's vacation and

Fat sack of knives in the passenger side, bitch

I'd rather inject my brain with straight garbage,

Salute me, game: invented it, and you can't get no membership, little bitch

Mainstream artists are all retarded illuminati makin profits off garbage

Fuck of man u smell like a garbage can

And fuck the radio for tellin' me to snap jam

Just like walkin in the bathroom to piss in the garbage

Went thru my phone saw a text, and then she wrote her a message